San Francisco Beer Week 2012

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There is nothing better than a well crafted beer. Even better, is learning about that beer from the actual brewer! SF Beer Week  just wrapped up and after 300 events over 10 days, we got the inside scoop from our Brewer, Kevin Clark and Assistant Brewer, Carrie Machen.  Hosted by Tied House and Hermitage in San Jose, the 3rd Annual “Meet the South Bay & Santa Cruz Brewers Event” showcased craft beers from the Santa Cruz and South Bay regions of California and Peter B’s was there to represent the Monterey Bay.  It was a fantastic and fun event for brewers and beer enthusiast alike.   Kevin and Carrie remarked how it was a great atmosphere with so many great beers and the brewers themselves pouring their own beers. Both were excited to be a part of the sold out event and are looking forward to next year’s event. 

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