Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

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If you are searching for a healthy and engaging activity check out the latest craze to hit the California waters and one that anyone can do – STAND-UP PADDLE BOARDING! It hits all the major muscle groups, is a total cardio workout and above all shows you the true beauty of the ocean. Its origins lie with the beach boys of Waikiki and probably go back further than that. It was adopted by the California surf set in the 1960′s and has continued to grow in popularity ever since. You still get the same feeling of gliding along the water, but it lets you enjoy the scenery without worrying that you’ll wipe out. The boards are long and wide which give you a great base with which to start from and a place to sit if you get a little tired, but maneuverable enough to navigate into smaller inlets or ride the tides into shore.

Monterey, California offers some excellent stand up paddle-boarding options including the popular water sports rental company, Adventures by the Sea. There, you can rent equipment, get instruction and guided tours in a group or for your family. It’s a great family activity and you can really explore some of the ocean wildlife while getting a great work out. It’s ok if you are not the most coordinated of people; most riders are able to get up on their first try with only their feet getting wet during the hour long maiden voyage.

Do yourself a favor and check out this wonderful activity. You’ll be hooked!

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