Peter B’s Brewpub

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One of the best trends to hit the U.S. since skinny jeans is the rise of the craft brewery. Sure, bottled micro brews have been around for a while, but many of those have been snatched up by the bigger producers or are simply carbon copies of each other with different packaging. The true art of craft beer starts with the brewer and no one is doing it better on the Monterey Peninsula than Brewer Kevin Clark at Peter B’s Brewpub located behind the Portola Hotel & Spa.

Bright, comfortable and unadorned with the typical pub/sports bar decor, Peter B’s Brewpub gives you a familiar feeling even if it is your first visit. The service is smooth and knowledgeable, but it is the fare that really impresses. Their beer is brewed on site and Clark mixes and melds like a mad scientist creating some unique seasonal choices and time tested favorites. What’s better, is the staff pairs these offerings with their eclectic line up of appetizers, salads, sandwiches and entrees some created with the very beer brewed, just a few feet away!

Peter B’s Brewpub offers 15 high definition TV’s so you can catch the game or event of your choice, Buzztime Interactive Gaming to play with friends or enjoy the dog-friendly patio just steps from Monterey’s Historic Custom House Plaza. It’s large enough for a group of friends to gather, but intimate enough to have a quiet business lunch. Wine’s little brother beer is all grown up and has planted the Craft Brewery flag at Peter B’s Brewpub at behind the Portola Hotel & Spa.

Cool fact: The Portola Hotel & Spa is the only independent hotel in the U.S. to house their very own craft brewery!




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