Growlers & Growlettes

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Whether you are a diehard aficionado or someone who likes the occasional cold one, beer is synonymous with many different things. Most of us can agree, however, that beer is best enjoyed in its tapped form; fresh and foamy, served in a chilled pint glass or mug. You’d be hard-pressed though, to get that “straight from the tap taste” at home. Sure, some companies have tried to market the “take home keg” but most have sorely missed the mark. What’s a beer lover to do?

Thank goodness we have Kevin Clark in our midst. The visionary Brewer from Peter B’s Brewpub located behind the Portola Hotel & Spa has graced our taste buds with his wonderful creations for a couple years and now he is offering the perfect way to enjoy them at home. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to the Growler & Growlette!

The six pint Growler ($25 or $10 for refills) or two pint Growlette ($10 or $5 for refills) allow fans of Clark’s wizardry to choose their favorite flavor and enjoy the taste at home. The brown glass bottles keep the beer fresh and can be returned for refills as needed, but must be consumed off property. Clark is constantly debuting small batch craft brews to go along with his regular offerings so contact the folks at Peter B’s Brewpub to see what’s on tap!


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