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Meet Our Brewer Kevin Clark

Monday, January 28th, 2013
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A Northern California native and a resident of Monterey County since 1998, Kevin Clark, a beer enthusiast and aficionado, is the Brewmaster of Peter B’s Brewpub at the Portola Hotel & Spa in Monterey, California.

After graduating from California State University, Monterey Bay, Kevin traveled the world. He immersed himself in the cultures of the countries he visited, paying particular attention to their food and beverage. His destinations were wide-ranging including the continents of Africa, Asia and Europe and the island countries of Samoa, Tonga and Fiji. This cultural and culinary diversity gave Kevin a unique perspective on flavor which led him to begin his career in the industry at Passionfish in Pacific Grove, CA. There, he studied wine and food pairings, but his heart always belonged to his first love; beer. He began to experiment with the pairing of beer and food, but found his choices in hops based beverages limited in comparison with wine and its many varietals.

Soon, Kevin found himself beginning to homebrew his own beer in an effort to not only discover new tastes, but save money in the process. The plan backfired however, as Kevin began to sample and taste as many commercial and homebrewed offerings as possible, falling in love all over again with the complexities and varieties of beer.  Kevin started at Peter B’s as the Assistant Brewer and was promoted to Head Brewmaster in early 2011.

For Kevin Clark, the act of combining the beautiful aromas and flavors of malt and hops with other additions is a gift and one of life’s true pleasures. The history and traditions of the beverage are wonderful, but for Kevin, the creation of a beverage that is alive and brings people together is his gift to the world.

Brewer’s Dinners in Peter B’s Brewpub

Friday, January 11th, 2013
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For a number of years, winemakers have been taking advantage of the well-known pairings of food and their varietals. While winemaker’s dinners have been all the rage, recently, the talented brewers of wine’s bubbly cousin, beer, have been getting in on the action. It wasn’t too long ago that beer was regulated to cookouts and college parties, but in recent years, brewmasters have elevated their craft to incredible heights. With new tastes and trends emerging all the time, the art of craft beer has taken its rightful place alongside wine as a true art-form. With that recognition, has come the opportunity to experience these creative flavors paired with chef inspired eats.

Nowhere is this being done better than at the Portola Hotel & Spa. Brewer Kevin Clark of Peter B’s Brewpub and Executive Chef Jason Giles of Jacks Restaurant & Lounge and Peter B’s; have teamed up to create a series of Brewer’s Dinners that take the best of the worlds of food and craft beer and combine them into delicious, gatherings where seasonal and special varieties of come together in a wonderful celebration of taste.

Usually featuring three to four courses of locally sourced and sustainable food prepared by Chef Giles and accompanied by beers either brewed or chosen by Clark. These Brewer’s Dinners have become one of the most popular events at Peter B’s. Seating is limited and usually sell-out so early reservations are highly recommended. If you want to experience a new dimension in flavor, “like” the Peter B’s Facebook Page and you’ll know as soon as the next of the series is announced! There are events not to be missed.

2nd Annual Monterey Beer Garden

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012
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There is just something inherently right about enjoying a beer outdoors. Whether it’s on a hot summer day, tailgating at a football game on a crisp autumn afternoon or simply relaxing with friends in the backyard, fresh air and a freshly poured beer go hand in hand. That’s why the return of the Monterey Beer Garden is being met with such anticipation.

The second annual event held on September 22nd from 12pm-4pm at Monterey’s historic Memory Garden at Custom House Plaza is shaping up to be a Who’s Who of the Central Coast Craft Beer scene. With local heavy hitters Peter B’s Brewpub and English Ales leading the way and Seabright Brewing, Rock Bottom Brewing and Hollister Hills Brewery among the 11 participants, attendees are sure to get a sense of the skill and imagination of our local brewers.

Sponsored by the Portola Hotel & Spa, The Offset Project, The Monterey County Weekly and Peter B’s Brewpub, the event features unlimited beer tasting, BBQ and live music from local favorite Cheeky Spanks with proceeds of the event benefiting local environmental non-profit, Save Our Shores. And if that was not enough, Save Our Shores will also be raffling off a number of great prizes.

Tickets for the event are still available and can be purchased online at . Raffle tickets are sold separately at the door.

Good Friends, Good Cheer, Good Time, Great Beer!

Growlers & Growlettes

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012
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Whether you are a diehard aficionado or someone who likes the occasional cold one, beer is synonymous with many different things. Most of us can agree, however, that beer is best enjoyed in its tapped form; fresh and foamy, served in a chilled pint glass or mug. You’d be hard-pressed though, to get that “straight from the tap taste” at home. Sure, some companies have tried to market the “take home keg” but most have sorely missed the mark. What’s a beer lover to do?

Thank goodness we have Kevin Clark in our midst. The visionary Brewer from Peter B’s Brewpub located behind the Portola Hotel & Spa has graced our taste buds with his wonderful creations for a couple years and now he is offering the perfect way to enjoy them at home. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to the Growler & Growlette!

The six pint Growler ($25 or $10 for refills) or two pint Growlette ($10 or $5 for refills) allow fans of Clark’s wizardry to choose their favorite flavor and enjoy the taste at home. The brown glass bottles keep the beer fresh and can be returned for refills as needed, but must be consumed off property. Clark is constantly debuting small batch craft brews to go along with his regular offerings so contact the folks at Peter B’s Brewpub to see what’s on tap!

Peter B’s Brewpub

Friday, June 1st, 2012
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One of the best trends to hit the U.S. since skinny jeans is the rise of the craft brewery. Sure, bottled micro brews have been around for a while, but many of those have been snatched up by the bigger producers or are simply carbon copies of each other with different packaging. The true art of craft beer starts with the brewer and no one is doing it better on the Monterey Peninsula than Brewer Kevin Clark at Peter B’s Brewpub located behind the Portola Hotel & Spa.

Bright, comfortable and unadorned with the typical pub/sports bar decor, Peter B’s Brewpub gives you a familiar feeling even if it is your first visit. The service is smooth and knowledgeable, but it is the fare that really impresses. Their beer is brewed on site and Clark mixes and melds like a mad scientist creating some unique seasonal choices and time tested favorites. What’s better, is the staff pairs these offerings with their eclectic line up of appetizers, salads, sandwiches and entrees some created with the very beer brewed, just a few feet away!

Peter B’s Brewpub offers 15 high definition TV’s so you can catch the game or event of your choice, Buzztime Interactive Gaming to play with friends or enjoy the dog-friendly patio just steps from Monterey’s Historic Custom House Plaza. It’s large enough for a group of friends to gather, but intimate enough to have a quiet business lunch. Wine’s little brother beer is all grown up and has planted the Craft Brewery flag at Peter B’s Brewpub at behind the Portola Hotel & Spa.

Cool fact: The Portola Hotel & Spa is the only independent hotel in the U.S. to house their very own craft brewery!