4 Tips For Staying Young Guest Post by Spa Director of Spa on the Plaza, Camille Malcolm

Move your body. It’s not just about burning calories; it’s about changing your self image. Am I a sedentary person prone to weight gain or an active person with a healthy lifestyle? How we see ourselves determines what we do.  My rule of thumb is that it takes three months of daily exercise before your workout begins to be anticipated instead of dreaded.

Staying Active and Fit

Stay Green. Eat a plant-based diet. Vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts are packed full of nutrients. When your body gets essential vitamins and minerals, unhealthy cravings naturally begin to diminish. Add savory treats like avocado, olives, and smoked salmon to your salads to make them interesting and more satisfying. Carbohydrates, meat and fats shouldn’t comprise more than 30% of your diet! See the glow come back to your skin and watch your weight easily drop off if you choose these simple dietary choices.

Enjoying a Plant-Based Meal

Nature. Commune daily with nature.  Breathe the fresh air, hear the birds and feel the breeze. We literally become more grounded when we spend time in nature, unplugged from technology. The peace in nature allows time for reflection and cultivates discernment, which is a key ingredient to a successful life. I call it a fifteen-minute nature bath. Find your oasis and visit it daily.

Find a Passion. I recently heard a psychologist explain that humans are herd animals and our isolated lifestyle is unnatural to our species. It is important that we find an activity that connects us with community. For some, it is choir or dance, for others it might be volunteering, joining a local church or supporting a political or social cause. Choose an activity that creates a community of like-minded people who grow to become friends and eventually a support group. Find a passion and join. We are not meant to go through this life alone.

Enjoy a Couples Massage

Oh yes and treat yourself to a massage or facial at Spa on the Plaza. It’s called self love and not only do you deserve it, we would love to have you.

Guest Post by Spa Director of Spa on the Plaza, Camille Malcolm

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