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5 Monterey Travel Tips

19 May 2022
5 Monterey Travel Tips

When visiting a new destination, you don't always know what to expect or how to make the most of your time. It's only during your visit that you discover tips and tricks that could have made your visit a little bit easier. Learn from the locals and get prepped ahead of time by checking out these Monterey travel tips to make your upcoming visit a memorable one.

Travel Tip #1: Know Monterey's Seasons and Climate

Monterey has a mild climate year-round with temperatures rarely going beyond the mid 40s – mid 70s. What you may not know is that our warmest season is actually the fall! Monterey weather can also be a bit unpredictable and fluctuates throughout the day (think 50-70 degrees in a single day!). It is normal to have cold mornings, warm afternoons, and breezy evenings here on the peninsula. Also common are cold fronts that move in off the Pacific on a warm sunny day. Be sure to pack clothing such as cardigans and zip-ups so you can stay comfortable throughout your visit!

fall portola 24

A warm autumn day in Monterey, CA

Travel Tip #2: See the Harbor and Bay Up Close

Monterey is famous for its marine life, and if you're hoping to see some out in the wild, your best bet is to get into the harbor and the bay. Whether you go kayaking, scuba diving, stand-up paddle-boarding, sailing, or whale watching, you are almost certain to see sea lions, otters, seals, pelicans, dolphins, and whales depending on which nautical excursion you choose. There are many great places for adventures just a short walk from the Portola Hotel & Spa. Check out Monterey Bay Kayaks, Princess Monterey Whale Watching, and Sail Monterey for nearby attractions. (Remember to always keep a safe distance from marine life, especially if you are kayaking).

sea otter 260

A Sea Otter in the Monterey Bay

Travel Tip #3: Extend Your Stay

If you are only thinking about spending 24-48 hours in Monterey, consider extending your stay. A short trip or a night during a road trip won't be enough to experience all that the peninsula has to offer. Check out our extended stay specials to save on your next visit.

Travel Tip #4: Don't Be Afraid to Try Uncommon Attractions

Don't shy away from activities that don't make the typical top 10 lists. You don't have to see a particular beach or do a particular activity to get the full Monterey experience. It's hard to go wrong in this town, whether it's the world-class food or activities. Monterey is beautiful and full of adventure, no matter where you happen to wander. Be sure to connect with our on-site concierge to help with arrangements and get info on upcoming events during your travel dates.

Travel Tip #5: Don't Rent a Car

If you're staying at the Portola Hotel & Spa, you won't need to bring a car if you're arriving by plane. Our hotel is centrally located in downtown Monterey and is just a quick walk to many popular attractions. We are also just steps away from Adventures by the Sea where you can rent bikes, making Monterey even more accessible. Another great service to take advantage of is the free MST trolley. During the summer months, the Monterey-Salinas Transit has a free trolley available for pick up and drop off all around Monterey. There are a few stops near the Portola Hotel & Spa, so even if you don't want to walk, there's no need to bring a car.

trolley 76588

MST Trolley

Visit Monterey

Come experience Monterey for yourself and put your newfound knowledge to use, and perhaps you'll find some Monterey travel tips of your own as you make memories to last a lifetime. To book your stay today visit our website or call us at (888)-222-5851..

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