Ahoy, Portola Pirates! It’s Adventure Time!

If your summer plans have changed, and your Monterey beach vacation has been delayed, we understand how you may feel. We know home sweet home is a wonderful place to be, but we all need change and adventure sometimes. That’s why we put together a few fun pirate themed activity sheets you can enjoy at home, including a couple of links to our favorite webcams so you can “escape” from your home couch!

Pirate Activity Sheets

Aaaarrrrgggghhhh you ready for a pirate challenge? Do you think you could find sharks, a map, and treasure in a pirate word search?  Can you draw a face on a pirate, and answer a few pirate jokes? Well, if the answer is yes, we have the activity sheet for you!

Download Activity Sheet 1

Once you’ve completed the first challenge, we have a home scavenger hunt and pirate drawing task for you and your home crew to try! For a little added fun, we recommend setting up a video call with your friends and competing to see who can complete the scavenger hunt first in their home.

Download Activity Sheet 2

Share your pirate adventures with us on social media with hashtag #PortolaPirates


Portola Hotel & Spa offers a complimentary children’s Pirate Program for kiddos age 3 to 12.

Learn more about the Pirate Program here.


Ocean Themed Webcams

Open Sea Exhibit

Go under the sea with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Open Sea Cam! Schools of fish, stingrays, and hammer head sharks are just a few sea creatures you may catch a glimpse of swimming by this web camera. We could spend all day watching to “sea” what ocean animals are in the Open Sea exhibit. View these spectacular animals from 7am to 7pm PST.

View Open Sea Exhibit

Portola Hotel & Spa is within minutes of the best kid-friendly attractions in the area. Monterey activities for kids here.

Shark Exhibit

Are you pirate looking for a little more adventure? How about checking out the Shark webcam. The Monterey Bay Habitats exhibit includes Sevengill sharks, leopard sharks, spiny dogfish, and the elusive Pacific angel shark. View these amazing creatures from 7am to 7pm PST.

View Shark Exhibit

Until we meet again, Portola Pirates! Travel safely and share your adventures and Monterey memories with us on social media with hashtag #PortolaHotel


Photos courtesy of @lovetheprosas @_malika_yasmin_ and the Monterey Bay Aquarium

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