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Celebrating 5 Years of Pub Talk – Guest Post by Chris Nelson

“You know what that music means…” When KRML’s Jeff White utters these familiar words on November 8th, we will be celebrating the five year anniversary of our radio show, Pub Talk. Broadcasting every Wednesday evening from the patio of Peter B’s Brewpub, Pub Talk is labor of love for those involved in its production.


With my cohosts, my wife Merideth and Jeff White, we’ve welcomed “beer-lebrities,” authors, politicians, artists, musicians, and as Jeff would say, “amazing people that are doing amazing things” in our community. Taking Mike Hale’s original concept, friends gathering a pub, drinking a beer or two, talking all manner of topics, Pub Talk has evolved over the years to encompass so much more.


With any new venture, ideas were tried. Some were great, some less so. Examples of concepts that came and went were early audience participation efforts with beer trivia and a ‘have your say’ segment.


If I had to identify THE key evolutionary moment for Pub Talk it was going from a taped show to a live broadcast. Being radio show host novices, Merideth and I were very nervous about being live on radio. Our fears were groundless, however. Live, Pub Talk was more flowing and natural. The addition of Jeff White helped the show become a dynamic casual conversation, something that would become the hallmark of the show.


Another change that served as a pivotal shift was moving the show from inside the bar to outside on the patio.  Previously tucked into the back of the bar, moving to the patio literally and figuratively brought us out into the open. Visitors to Peter B’s and those people simply walking by now knew about KRML’s Pub Talk.


Pub Talk in 2012
Pub Talk in 2012


Pub Talk continues to evolve with the recent additions of live music and video simulcast via Facebook Live. Who knows what the next five years will bring. We’re just happy to have played a small part bringing local radio back to the Monterey Bay.


Thanks to: Former Peter B’s head brewer Kevin Clark for playing matchmaker with Mike Hale; Mike Hale for allowing us to take his vision and run with it; Jeff White, our ringleader, who spins dials and pushes buttons, but also keeps us in line; Peter B’s for being a great host with great beer; KRML for giving us a voice in our community; and the KRML listeners for listening.


Join us in the celebrations at Peter B’s on November 8th from 5-6pm. Enjoy $3 Pints of Anniversary Ale and $5 Plates of Peter B’s Appetizer Combo with wings, cheese curds, fried pickles and potato skins. Specials will be served from 5-6pm inside Peter B’s Brewpub.

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