Craft Beer Pairings at Peter B’s Brewpub

Craft Beer Pairings at Peter B’s Brewpub
Guest Post by Justin Rivard, Head Brewer, Peter B’s Brewpub

When I think about food pairings from our menu, along with our house made craft beers, I approach it very similar to the philosophy of Randy Mosher, author of Tasting Beer:

  1. Match (flavor) intensity
  2. Find harmonies (or similarities)
  3. Find pleasant contrasting elements (like sweet and salty or spicy and herbal)

PeterHosen Oktoberfest Lager and our Bavarian Pretzel come to mind. This is just a classic combination dating back hundreds of years, matching the pretzel flavors with the biscuity pretzel flavors of the Oktoberfest Lager. Both are light, and neither overwhelms the other.

Bavarian Pretzel

Our Akiyama Harvest Session IPA and the Heirloom Tomato Salad – my personal favorite salad combo. The acidic nature and balsamic vinegar pickled onions play really well with the herbal/citrusy quality of this beer. For some reason, when I taste this Harvest Beer, a resinous, green tomato plant smell comes to mind. That might not sound good, but to me it’s awesome!

Akiyama Harvest Session IPA

Another One Bites the Must Wild Pale Ale with Pinot Noir grape skins and our Strawberry Fields Forever salad. The funky nature of Bites the Must plays well with the balsamic drizzle and goat cheese fritter in the salad. The strawberries tie in well with lightly lactic nature of the beer, and work with the rosé-like flavor of this beer.

Strawberry Fields Forever Salad

Inclusion Amber Ale and Carl’s Backyard Burger, is a classic combo – the sweetness, battered onion ring, and homemade triple stout barbeque sauce complement the malty tanginess of this beer.

Alternative Facts German Altbier and the 6 oz Harris Ranch NY Steak and Pomme Frites is my favorite dinner combo. The green peppercorn sauce with capers complements the herbal hop bitterness of the Altbier. The light char of the steak matches up really well the roastiness of the Altbier, and the moderate carbonation cuts the salty and unami flavors of the steak.

And we can’t forget about dessert! Our Reindeer Got Game Holiday Stout and Signature Chocolate Brownie . The Stout’s Flavors of chocolate, molasses, and nuts pair well with the brownie and almonds and the spices in the beer give the impression of spice in the vanilla ice cream, creating new flavors. Definitely a fun one.

Reindeer Got Game Holiday Stout

If you’re interested in learning more about the art of craft beer and pairing tips and ideas, I suggest two of my favorite reads – as I mentioned above, Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher , as well as The Beer Bible by Jeff Alworth.

Looking forward to seeing you at the brewery and always enjoy hearing favorite pairing ideas from guests!

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