The Future is Bright – The Monterey Conference Center Goes Solar

It’s easy being green at the state of the art, Monterey Conference Center (MCC)! Recently, the City of Monterey launched a 132-kilowatt solar energy system at Monterey’s premier conference center adjacent to the Portola Hotel & Spa. In the City’s efforts to earn a Platinum LEED® Certification by the United States Green Building Council, this initiative further propels the project as one of the leading green buildings in Central California and beyond.

Contractor, Applied Solar Energy of Pacific Grove, CA, installed the 330 solar panels, which will produce an estimated 183,342 kW annually, approximately 15% of the building’s annual electrical load. This City of Monterey is estimating that they will be able to save nearly $33,000 a year, achieving their return on investment in just nine years.

Project highlights include:
• The MCC solar system is a 132kW system. Keeping in mind the average house across the United States would break even with a 7kW system, and this system generates 17 household’s worth of power on average.
• The solar panels generate the energy consumed in their production in approximately 1.5 years, which are guaranteed for 25 years, and are anticipated to last over 40 years with minor degradation.
• Californians have the seventh highest average electrical rates in the nation and the MCC is proud to do their part to help reduce their carbon footprint and be a leading green business.

Photo courtesy of The Monterey Herald 

To learn more about the Monterey Conference Center’s green meetings initiatives visit the Conference Center website.

See video here.

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