Get Outdoors in 2017!

2017 is now here, and it may sound a bit cliché – but I’m committed to following through on my list of New Year’s resolutions. With life being so crazy busy, my goal was to keep my list to a minimum, but have each of my resolutions be meaningful and realistic to maintain. So, in keeping with the theme of our Central Coast Living Blog, my resolutions are focused on making the most out of all that the Monterey Bay has to offer with a healthy, family focused twist – and most importantly, have it focused on taking advantage of all the amazing, outdoor resources that are available throughout our local region!


  1. Visit and take a hike at Pinnacles National Park, just 45-60 minutes from Monterey.


  1. Ride my bike more often! With so many trails both on the road, paved trails such as the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail and mountain trails, the possibilities are endless as to where my entire family can ride to!


  1. Go kayaking – if you can believe it, I’ve kayaked in Central America, Bermuda and all over Northern California, but have yet to experience kayaking right here in my own backyard.


Adventures by the Sea Kayaks

Kayak rentals from Adventures by the Sea

  1. Take a moment to enjoy more sunrises and sunsets with family and friends – I think we all sometimes forget how important down time is and just sitting, relaxing, talking and laughing with friends and family.


  1. Walk our family dog Charlie every day AND on new routes. Being so busy, I tend to take our labradoodle on the same route everyday – my goal for 2017 is to be a bit more adventurous and not only walk him along the coastline, but take him on a few hikes at Garland Ranch and Jacks Peak.


  1. Walk the stairs at least once a month at the Huckleberry Nature Preserve near Veteran’s Park at the Monterey Pine Preserve in Monterey – the views aren’t too shabby either and it’s a killer workout!


  1. Visit Point Lobos and explore all it has to offer with our kiddos – to me, Point Lobos is a true treasure here on the Monterey Peninsula – from majestic views to incredible trails and wildlife – I need to spend more time there!


  1. Beach Walks – doesn’t matter the time of year – a beach walk whether solo or with others, soothes the souls and lends me the opportunity to re-energize and reset.


Pet Friendly

Enjoying the Beach Life


  1. Explore the public art displayed throughout downtown Monterey – it’s all around us – and I plan to discover all the hidden gems within our City.


  1. Whale Watching – yes! Though I do get a bit queasy when out at sea – experiencing the magic of the Monterey Bay by boat and getting up close and personal with whales and dolphins is so worth it…at least once a year.


Princess Monterey Whale Tail

Whale Sightings in the Monterey Bay

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