Guest Blog Feature: Beauty from the Inside Out

Guest Blog Feature: Beauty from the Inside Out
Guest Post by Camille Malcolm – Health Guru, Spa on the Plaza Owner, Blogger

Camille Malcom

There is a big difference between superficial beauty and beauty from the inside out. We know this intuitively, but our culture celebrates the young and beautiful which can make us feel inadequate. At Spa on the Plaza, we understand true beauty is seen in the serenity of expression and in the clarity of one’s eyes. Beauty is a state of mind and not the standard reflected by the photo-shopped models we see on the cover of magazines.

This sentiment is the underlying principle of Spa on the Plaza’s mission statement.

“At Spa on the Plaza, we understand that your spa experience should nurture on many levels.”

Although these words may seem simple, they are implying that healing and well-being happen on multiple dimensions. It is not just about an excellent massage or expensive potions, it is about the genuine smile of our employees, the beautiful and serene ambiance, the impeccable housekeeping, the relaxing music and the delectable scent of essential oils wafting through the air.

We recently took this concept further in January 2019 we opened the Wellness Center at Spa on the Plaza. We offer workshops and detox programs to support women because if one wants beauty from the inside out, we need to pay attention to what we eat, what we do, what we think and who we spend our time with. We just published our Wellness Calendar on our website. I encourage you to sign up early for these exciting wellness workshops. Check out next year’s calendar and join us for new beginnings and new friendships at Spa on the Plaza.

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