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How To Make Your Home Feel Like A Hotel Room

03 Feb 2022
How To Make Your Home Feel Like A Hotel Room

One of the best parts about being on vacation is the cozy hotel room you get to call home for the next few days. Achieving the luxury hotel look in your home is simple with a few tips from us. Now you can have the serene and calm look of a Portola Guest Room in your own home. Check out our pointers on how to make your home feel like a hotel room.

Create an Accent Wall

Choose an accent wall to give the room some color with wallpaper or paint. The perfect choice is the wall that your bed is against, since this is the natural focal point of the room. Many of our rooms feature a beautiful blue watercolor design. It's simple, but it also brings color and serenity into the space, while drawing the eye towards the natural focal point.

dsc 05430

Accent Wall in our Portola King Room

Cozy Bed

Now that you have a beautiful accent wall, it's time to make the bed. At the Portola Hotel & Spa we have clean white bedding paired with lots of fluffy pillows. Pillows are key to making your bed look as cozy as a hotel guest room.

Color Theme

We use blue as a primary color in many of our guest rooms. Blue is found in our artwork, on the walls, and on our pillows. However, we also use orange as a complimentary color in our pillows and chairs, and warm wood tones in our furniture. This creates visual interest while keeping the room cohesive.

dsc 0485


Your furniture does not all have to be from the same set, but it should still complement each other. You can find both coastal inspired furniture and modern pieces in our guest rooms. These pieces still come together to create a room design with unity.


When selecting lighting for your room, choose a statement piece that doubles as art. Luxury hotel rooms tend to have a clean look with only a few statement pieces. Lighting is a fun way to add a bold piece while also keeping the room light and bright.

dsc 8151

Add a Statement Piece with Lighting


Bring in some special pieces of art that create interest, but also tie the room together. A piece that is featured in our guest rooms is a wood cypress tree picture with words from some of Monterey's famous literary writers. Special touches like this will add meaning to your room.

dsc 3719

Keep it Tidy

A defining feature of every hotel room is no clutter. To keep the tidy look, opt for furniture pieces that will store your belongings and keep your room clean.

Get Inspired

For inspiration on your upcoming room makeover, visit us in person. Our newly renovated guest rooms will help you reimagine your space, and come up with a room you'll never want to leave. To book your room visit us online or call us at 888-222-5851.

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