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Let’s Toast to the Holidays!

‘Tis the season to celebrate! Our friends here at the Portola Hotel & Spa are offering up some great tips and ideas to help toast to the holiday season and enjoy every single moment of this magical time of year! Enjoy, and make sure to celebrate responsibly.


When toasting during the holidays I like to have a nice bottle of champagne alongside with some Oysters and Caviar, a classic combination of rich and salty flavors!

– Danny Abbruzzese, Executive Chef


There is nothing better than showing up to my holiday events with a nice bottle of Boekenoogen Pinot Noir Estate Santa Lucia Highlands!

– Brian Hein, Food & Beverage Director


This holiday I plan to cozy up next to my wood burning stove and sip on our very own Empire Strikes Jack craft beer.

– Chris Loecher, Assistant Brewer at Peter B’s Brewpub


It’s a tradition to bring along my favorite Porter and Stouts to share with my family and friends during our holiday gatherings.

-Justin Rivard, Head Brewer at Peter B’s Brewpub

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