Monterey Conference Center Steel Works Complete!

From planning and funding, to demolition and laying the foundation, the Monterey Conference Center $60 million dollar renovation is more than underway with the recent completion of steel beams. The steel installation that supports the infrastructure of the 41,000 square foot state-of-the-art meeting facility began back in August 2016.

Rendering of the Monterey Conference Center

The installation of the steel beams is a major milestone in the rebuild process and one of the most dangerous part of building any facility. The locally based structural steel fabricators and erectors, Delta Ironworks installed 170 tons of steel with a team of 7 to 8 steelworkers per day. The two month steel rigging project was completed in September 2016 injury free and the United Steel workers tradition of mounting an American flag at the highest point of the building signifying completion occurred on October 1st.

The American flag at the highest point of the building.

The American flag at the highest point of the building.


The next step in the Monterey Conference Center renovation is to close up the building with exterior walls and a roof. The renovation is on track for the projected spring 2017 reopening and additional information is available on the Monterey Conference Center website,

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