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Self-care Tips Part 2

13 Apr 2020
Self-care Tips Part 2

A Self-Care Toolkit, Guest Post by Camille from Spa on the Plaza

Make a List

Most of our routines have been upended. There is little structure, and it is easy to waste a day. If I make a list, not only do I create structure, but I accomplish tasks and feel better at the end of the day. It might include exercise, calling a friend, or writing in my journal. It feels great at the end of the day to see all the checkmarks through your to-do list!

Warning, try not to make it too long. Limit it to 3-6 items so it is moderately easy to accomplish.


Yoga is an essential part of my day, and it is so easy when you have a beautiful 20-minute video lead by a teacher encouraging you to do your best. My favorite 25-minute Yoga Video.

Lymphatic Japanese Facial Massage is one of my favorite videos for training our estheticians. If you do this every day for 3 days you will see a considerable difference in tone and hydration. Your skin will also have a renewed, healthy glow. Never underestimate the value of good facial massage. Women have been using this technique in Japan taught from mother to daughter for centuries. Enjoy!

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Celery Juice

All health starts with the gut and if you want to quickly boost your health, drink 8 oz. to 16 oz. of celery juice in the morning 30 minutes before you eat. I love it. It diminishes my cravings and calms my stomach. This video on celery using helped to motivate me and gave me some good tips.


Most important, we need to reflect on what we can learn from this time. A wise person once told me that with every crisis, there is a profound lesson to be learned about oneself (this applies to any crisis). For me, that lesson is to slow down. I have been on the "treadmill" for a long time, and now I am forced to take a break. There is a part of me that is so glad about that. Today I heard the birds sing and I wondered how many times my busy mind shut out their beautiful songs. So my lesson during this time is to slow down and listen more. Take the time to ask this question for yourself and try to find the gift in the coming days as we continue to move forward.

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