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Small Changes Make A Big Difference

18 Mar 2021
Small Changes Make A Big Difference

If travel is on your horizon with spring break plans and summer around the corner, you may already have your travel itinerary underway. However, how often does your planning process include your strategies to travel sustainably?

The Portola Hotel strives to lead the way for sustainable hospitality by making the best decisions to support the environment, from the products we purchase to the green initiatives in place for operating the hotel.  As Monterey's premier environmentally friendly property and first U.S. Green Building Council LEED® Certified hotel, Portola recognizes the importance of the hotel's role and opportunity to amplify the message of sustainable travel. One ongoing green initiative Portola actively addresses is the opportunity to educate the guests, staff, and community about sustainability. From community partnerships and staff training to social media and blog posts, Portola takes pride in "LEEDing" the way!

portola lobby 6

Portola Hotel lobby in downtown Monterey, CA

Putting the environment first and making sustainable choices can be as simple as opting out of plastic bags at the store and providing a reusable alternative. Whether you plan to travel now or later, here are five sustainable choices you and your travel companions can make to help reduce waste and your impact on the environment.

5 Sustainable Travel Tips

1) Travel with a reusable water bottle and eliminate the need for single use plastic. Many hotels offer water stations for refilling water bottles during their stay. At the Portola Hotel, guests can purchase a Monterey hydroflask to enjoy throughout your visit and beyond.
water station 7

Water stations are available for guest use at the Portola Hotel

2) Reuse towels and sheets throughout your stay to reduce water and energy use. Most hotels offer a towel reuse program providing guests the option to reuse towels during longer lengths of stay.

3) Bring a reusable bag for shopping and eliminate the need for paper or plastic bags. In Monterey County, most shops will ask if you need a bag and may charge a small fee. If you did not travel with a bag, ask the Portola Hotel front desk team about reusable tote bags for sale.

farmers market1

Explore the shopping in downtown Monterey with a Portola tote bag

4) Park your car for the entire stay and opt to walk or bike around the Monterey Peninsula. Portola Hotel's central location in downtown Monterey is close to dining, shopping, and attractions, including the beach and Fisherman's Wharf.

5) Support local businesses that do their part for the environment. Monterey Bay Green Business is a great resource providing a list of Monterey businesses that meet an extensive list of environmentally friendly practices to help preserve this destination and our planet.

Travel to Monterey, CA

Ready to pack your reusable items and head to Monterey?

guest room 6

Newly renovated guest room at Portola Hotel

We are open and ready to welcome you to the Portola Hotel & Spa. Our hotel near Fisherman's Wharf offers newly renovated guest rooms or suites, check rates and book the best available rate now!

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