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Sustainable Travel Tips For Your Next Vacation

02 Sep 2022
A body of water with boats and buildings

In honor of California Coastal Cleanup Day on September 17, 2022, this week we're giving you the best sustainable travel tips for your next vacation. Many of these practices and tips not only help the local Monterey community, but also the planet. Try to implement these sustainable travel tips next time you head out on another adventure.

BYO Water Bottle

Bringing a reusable water bottle is an easy way to reduce single-use plastic when traveling. The Portola Hotel & Spa has water stations available on property so it will be easy fill your bottle with water. Eliminating single-use plastic bottles will not only help the environment, but also your wallet!

water station 767

A water station at the Portola Hotel & Spa

Walk or Take Public Transport

The Portola Hotel & Spa is located to Monterey's most popular attractions, so it's convenient to get around without burning fossil fuels. If you're not able to walk to your destination, using public transport is an excellent way to minimize cars on the road. The Monterey-Salinas Transit has many stops near our hotel and around the Monterey Peninsula, making it easy to get around while you explore.

Visit Marine Protected Areas

If you want to go on a California coastal getaway, be sure to visit a beach town with Marine Protected Areas. The state of California protects these lands to restore marine habitats. Marine Protected areas also help our oceans' ecosystems by being more resilient to impacts of pollution and climate change (Source). Monterey County has many Marine Protected Areas for you to visit and admire. When you're here, check out Edward F. Ricketts State Marine Conservation Area, Lovers Point State Marine Reserve, Pacific Grove Marine Gardens State Marine Conservation Area, and Asilomar State Marine Reserve.

asilomar wooden path e176

Asilomar State Beach

Shop Local

When you're out and about exploring your destination, don't forget to support local shops and restaurants. Local businesses typically use less transportation, and less electricity compared to larger chains. Small businesses also tend to source locally, which means less transportation used to sell products. Being centrally located in Downtown Monterey, the Portola Hotel & Spa is walking distance to many great locally owned shops and restaurants. We're in the perfect location to explore both downtown and the coast.

Stay at an Eco-Friendly Hotel

Staying at a hotel that takes steps every day to lower its impact on the environment is another great sustainable travel tip. The Portola Hotel & Spa is Monterey's premier environmentally conscious hotel, and is LEED® Certified by the US Green Council. To learn more about our green efforts, and what it means to stay with us, visit us online.

portola hotel spa5

Portola Hotel & Spa

Plan Your Green Getaway Today!

Ready to go green for your next vacation? Visit us online or call us at (888) 222-5851 to book your stay. Don't forget, California Coastal Cleanup Day is September 17, 2022. Read more about this event and how to help here.

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