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Sustainable Travel

We love travel and experiencing all the destination has to offer, but we also understand the importance of preserving our home and the environment. As one of the central coast’s first green hotels, the Portola Hotel & Spa strives to practice and promote sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives including sustainable travel.

Sustainable Travel

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Our Monterey Hotel Programs

The Portola offers several programs and initiatives for guests throughout their stay including:
• Aluminum water bottles in the guestrooms that are recyclable and an ocean-friendly practice of reducing the use of plastic at the hotel
• We utilize a green cleaning program that uses H2O3 system to clean and disinfect guest rooms without any harsh chemicals
• Guests are provided an option to reuse towels and linens during their stay while still receiving housekeeping services
The Club Room, Jacks Monterey, and Peter B’s Brewpub serve local, organic, and sustainable cuisine, and use Bio-Pak take-out containers and compostable cups
• Restaurants serve sustainable seafood options as recommended by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® Program
To learn more about Green Initiatives at the Portola Hotel & Spa visit our website.

Reduce Single Waste Plastic

Whether at home or on vacation, there are several ways our daily choices can make an impact on our environment. Small changes to reduce single waste plastic consumption add up to a big difference in our landfills. Consider traveling with a reusable water bottle. Most airports, restaurants, and hotels offer a water refill station or would be glad to refill your water bottle.

Travel with reusable bags and opt-out for plastic and paper bags. If you forgot your reusable water bottle or need a reusable bag, Portola’s Peet’s Coffee location sells a variety of amenities to assist with your travel needs.

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