Top Five Places to Play Fetch on the Monterey Peninsula

Top Five Places to Play Fetch on the Monterey Peninsula

Guest Post by Charlie the Doodle by the Bay

This one is for all you doggies out there! We all know that getting outside and running around is simply the best – but when there’s a ball is involved – well that’s just woof-tastic! Being a local here (and part Labrador Retriever), I consider myself an expert when it comes to fetching, playing and finding the best locations for your humans to take you to – so here it goes – my Top Five faves!

1. Asilomar State Beach, Pacific Grove

This pooch friendly white sand beach is not only great for fetching, but for meeting up with fellow four-legged friends. The shore spans for quite some distance, so make sure your human brings a Chuckit! – because you can run for days here!

2. Carmel State Beach, Carmel by the Sea

Another fabulous beach awaits; perfect for running, playing, splashing – it’s got it all. Bring a friend or go at it solo, this picturesque beach is dog friendly and one of the best on the Monterey Peninsula when it comes to fetching, relaxing, picnicking and just playing!

3. El Estero Dog Park, Monterey

Go off leash and run til your heart’s content! With designated areas for small and large dogs, this park is a fun place to meet new friends and of course, get in a round or two of some good fetching.

4. Jacks Peak County Park, Monterey, CA

For those that don’t love a good fetch session – majestic views and over 10 forested trails await at Jacks Peak. We need to stay on leash, but you and your humans can take an easy hike (and probably find some fantastic sticks) while enjoying panoramic views of all of the Monterey Peninsula and Pacific Ocean!

5. Casa Verde Beach/Del Monte Beach, Monterey

A bit of the stretch of this beach may look a little familiar, as it was the backdrop for some of the scenes on HBO’s Big Little Lies. This beach is ideal for long walks (and maybe even some digging)! Enjoy the boardwalk path (leashes required) while taking in the sights and you may even be able to spot a dolphin or two!

Happy woofing!

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