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Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirate’s Life for Me!

Traveling with the kiddos can be a challenge, but through my personal experiences I have found if they feel comfortable and have a little extra entertainment, it seems to make traveling as a family a bit less stressful. Our family travels quite a bit, but the one place our kids ask to return to time and time again is the Portola Hotel & Spa. Even though it’s a Monterey Bay staycation for our family – there are two things that our kids always remember – the warm chocolate chip cookies and the Portola Pirates Program.

Designed for kids between the ages of three through twelve, the Portola Pirates Program includes a self-guided treasure hunt throughout the property, celebrating Monterey’s rich cultural and nautical history and upon each additional stay families can earn some cool perks and prizes.

Complete the Treasure Map to find the Buried Treasure

Complete the Treasure Map to find the Buried Treasure


Voyages include:

Voyage 1: Your first stay at the property includes a souvenir Portola Pirate Bag and self-guided treasure hunt map to buried treasure.

Voyage 2: Your second stay at the property includes a voucher for a complimentary root beer float in a souvenir Portola Pirate Mug at Jacks Monterey or Peter B’s Brewpub.

Voyage 3: Your third stay at the property includes a voucher for complimentary admission to MY Museum, the Monterey County Youth Museum in downtown Monterey.

Voyage 4: Your fourth stay at the property includes a Portola Pirate t-shirt.

Voyage 5: Your fifth stay at the property includes a Pirate Party in your guestroom for up to ten friends under the age of twelve years old. Enjoy pizza, sweets and pirate goodie bags with complimentary rental of a Wii gaming system. Parent supervision is required.

So in preparation for your next voyage to the Portola and in celebration one of our favorite National Days, “Talk Like a Pirate Day” celebrated every September 19th, here are a few pirate-themed sayings to help as you prepare to set sail and impress your fellow mates!

Ahoy – a friendly greeting

Arr! – an exclamation

Aye – yes

Bounty – a hefty reward

Blow me down! – when one is surprised or shocked

Buccaneer – a fellow pirate

Doubloons – gold coins

Landlubber – an inexperienced sailor or a clumsy person

Loot – stolen belongings or treasure

Matey – a friend

Old Salt – an experienced sailor or pirate

Sail ho! – when a ship is visible over the horizon or nearby

Seadog – an old pirate

Spyglass – a telescope

Scallywag – an inexperienced pirate/rookie

Thar She Blows – when one sights a whale

Yo Ho Ho! – an expression used to get one’s attention
Portola Pirates on a Treasure Hunt

Portola Pirates on a Treasure Hunt



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