Monterey Conference Center Renovation

Exciting Improvements for Monterey Meetings

Monterey Conference Center

The City of Monterey is going through some exciting changes and we are thrilled to have a front row seat! The Monterey Conference Center, adjacent to the Portola Hotel & Spa is in the process of a $60 million renovation.  The renovation is the largest project for the City of Monterey since they originally built the conference center back in 1977.

The Monterey Conference Center renovation will infuse up to $60 million dollars in physical and technological improvements into the building, including more flexible meeting space, more usable pre-function space, advanced technology, and the ability to host multiple meetings simultaneously. The new conference center plans to be a fellow U.S. Green Building Council LEED® Certified building.

To learn more about this stunning Monterey Conference Center renovation or view their live web cam, please visit

Q&A About the Renovations

Our guests experience throughout this renovation is very important to us and we have taken extra steps to ensure a smooth arrival process for each and every guest. If you have questions, please call the hotel directly at (888) 222-5851.

What are the construction hours?

  • Construction hours for the Monterey Conference Center start at 8:00am and are not allowed to exceed 9:00pm. Some weekend hours may apply.

When are the renovations scheduled to be complete?