Tales & Adventures

Ahoy, Matey! 

Aaaarrrr you ready for pirate tales and adventures from our Portola Pirates? These stories are the true tales of our youngest guests of the Portola Hotel who joined our Monterey kids program, the Portola Pirates. The Portola Pirate Program is free for overnight guests ages 3 to 12. Learn all about the program and book your Monterey vacation here!

Portola Pirate Tales & Adventures

January 2020

"Once there was a pirate named Pete. He was very friend and dressed nice. He also had a dog named Oliver. They came to visit the Portola Inn while on vacation during Christmas. They love3d their stay and enjoyed lots a fish. Every morning they parked their pirate ship outside the end." Ryder, age 10

"Two pirates a they fought people, and they were the best! People gave up. And people were happy so every one see their stateue!!! Every day at and even birds came “they Jist fly” at Monterey" Nolan, age 8

"There were a pirite ship. I was so Happy wen I sayling on the seas. Pool. There, were wild trkys. He had a map He was and then I hit the trckys by his self. There were I fond the tresher. Treser at an llind. Ther wer uther pirates looking for it to. I felt sceard it was spoolyI finuly there." Philun, age 6

"We went all around the hotel lookin, while I was reading the questions and writing the answer. All 3 of us looked for clues. Some of the questions were hard, like “how could a pirate family explore a ship without a ship?” So we were very happy and excited when we figured out all the answers. We had so much fun." Rebbecca, age 9; Jacquelyn, age 7; Benjamin, age 4

"I had fun. I got canby, I did a scavenger hunt." Mikaela, age 7

November 2019

"It was for sure a time to remember. We had amazing clam chowder and taffy. We walked to the warf, the coastguard ship around cannery row, and around the hotel. I learned that there was a bear statue on the grass. The overall trip was amazing." Leo, age 10

"This place is amazing. I live the elevators. I like the trees and lobby. Love beautiful blue sea that is crystal clear." Tyler, age 6

"I went to the candy shop that’s where I found the pirate with the pirate hat. I also went to grotto to eat dinner. I went on the trolley to go to the aquarium. I also went to scales we got flowers there. In the morning we rode a sea car tour we went fast I rode on the back for lunch I ate a burger when I went to the aquarium we saw fish. That is what I did." Isabella, age 8

"I, pirate Rocco, traveled the seas all the way from Oregon. On my adventure I played in the sand and swam in the bay. I ran into pirate George – he had a lot of parrots for me to hold. I walked the boardwalk instead of the plank to find some salt water taffy. I can’t wait to continue my pirate adventures next time!" Rocco, age 5

"I had a fund time walking around with my mommy. We searched all over for the clues. I liked the candy shop the best." Hayden, age 3

"My favorite was staying at the hotel. And I like sleeping in my bed because its cool. And I like the bathroom. I like the balcony door. I like the chair too. I liked getting candy. I also liked going to places. I liked seeing seagulls + squirrels + seeing birds. I liked swimming at night. I like the elevator too." Henson, age 4

August 2019

"My adventure was fun." Anderson, age 6

"My experience was fun, cool, and awesome. I hope I can come here again because I really enjoyed my stay. It was exciting. The end." Aislinn, age 9

"It took 3 hours to get here by car. We checked in and were given amazing chocolate chip cookies. Then I got my Portola Pirate Bag. We unloaded or luggae and then we went on a treasure hunt. My favorite part was shopping at the Land of Candy. I was told we can come back to Candyland after dinner. Tonight I will adventure to the swimming pool. Tomororw I will be heading to the beach and exploring Monterey. I hope I will come back here because this hotel beautiful and fun." Mia, age 11

"One day a pirate was sailing to Indonesia to get a big amount of treasure but another boat was there and shot canon balls the ship sank and the other boat got the treasure the next day the skip floated again and ship ate all the ships and because the only ship!" Sean, age 9

July 2019

“We had fun on treasure hunt and now we want to get candy at the candy store.” Jax, age 4

“Once upon a time, were a captain and his crew. The captain name Virgile asked his crew to work harder and prepare the ship to find a treasure! Here in Monterey! But the crew refused to obey and the captain was sad. However he insisted and the crew agreed only if the captain was ok to give part of the treasure. All agreed and the adventure could start. In front of the hotel, near the hotel, the captain and his team found many answers. Then, walked around the city, Pacific house and completed all questions.” Virgile, age 4.5

“I was walking along doing the Portola pirate maps and solving some questions. I had my gnome stuffy with me. His name is Gnomey. I put him down to write a clue and we continued on our journey. We went to the wharf and saw a bunch of seafood shops, candy shops, and a giant seagull. Then I realized I had forgotten Gnomey! I raced back with my mom and dad and then I picked him up and he said he thought he would have to live in the cactus garden! Then we went near the candy shop and we found the last clue. That’s how I finished my map! The end.” Lucca, age 8

“I am here because my friends and I were going to hang out for spring break. We just got here yesterday and when we got here the first thing we did after we settled in our room was go and explore. Exploring took the entire day. The second day (today) we went hiking and that’s is so far.” Adan, age 12

“I live in Nevada. The sports I like are football, basket ball, soccer, hockey baseball, lacross. Monterey is my faveret place to go. Michigan is my faveret team for 3 years in foot bal.” Roen, age 7

“Been on land since ’07. Born in ye Sacramento, California. Come to this here place every other or every year for Spring Break. When my family is here, we usually go to Cannery Row and Fishermans Wharf. We come here with family friends to hand out and have fun. Most of the time we are at the beach, but today we went on a hike 30 or so minutes away from the hotel. Portola hotel has a great rooms and provides wonderful service!!! Thank you for making our stay wonderful so far!!!” Marissa, age 12

“This was my first trip to Monterey. We came to celebrate my mommys birthday. I got to go to the quarium and pet a sting ray. My favorite was the sea otters, hammer head shark, penguins, and the waves that roll over. I loved playing at Carmel beach. The ocean is awesome. I can’t wait to come back!” Reegan, age 5

June 2019

“We went exploring around the village and went to aquarium. We saw birds and seals and fish and crabs. We found all the treasures.” Scott, age 7

“First we went to see the sign. We saw some dogs in strollers. Then I learned there was a bear on a balcony. Then I learned a pirate’s favorite way to travel is “Adventures by the sea.” Victoria, age 11

May 2019

“I am here because my friends and I were going to hang out for spring break. We just got here yesterday and when we got here the first thing we did after we settled in our room was go and explore. Exploring took the entire day. The second day (today) we went hiking and that’s it so far.” Adam, age 12

“I was walking along doing the Portola pirate map and solving some questions. I had my gnome stuffy with me. His name is Gnomey. I put him down to write a clue and we continued on our journey. We went to the wharf and saw a bunch of seafood shops, candy shops, and a giant seagull. Then I realized I had forgotten Gnomey! I raced back with my mom and dad and thn I saw him near the old house near the cactus garden. I picked him up and he said he thought he would have to live in the cactus garden! Then we went near the candy shop and we found the last clue. That’s how I finished my map. The end!” David, age 8

“First, my family went to the front of the hotel and we saw that the color of the sign was black. After that, we went on a walk behind the hotel and we saw the medallion. I wrote down it was yellow. We walked further, to the Pacific House Museum in the plaza and there were nine people on the balcony. The next day we biked to Pacific House museum again, there was a bear on the balcony. Right before lunch I counted 3 flags in the plaza. We also saw the fortune teller was wearing a pirate hat. The hotel is named after Gasper de Portola.” Anjuli, age 10

“On that ghastly blistering day, the sky was the color of the oozing blood slimbing each and every sword held. It was a battle that meant none other than death, as pirates waded through the swirling brine calling furious battle cries, and thrusting gold pleated weapons in every direction. Ships launched cannons, peppering the ocean and blasting the limbs off the swashbuckling scoundrals. Long gnarled fingers reached up out of the waves grabbing out floating gems and coins that may have fallen out the ancient wooden chest. Then, as quickly as it had started the pirates surrendered, dragging themselves ashore.” Sienna, age 10

“I like the expeience at Monterey we go normally 2 times a year and every year I love it. We always stay at the portola hotel and I will give it ★★★★★. We always goto the aquarum and park. We always do a five hour car ride that takes five hours this year we broughtour dog and we are have a blast. Thank you for the fun experience.” Bennet, age 10

“Once upon a time there was a little girl how traveled the world with her family in magicla pony herd. Many of the ponies pulled carriages. Those carriages carred cothing, appliances and other things.” Sophia, age 9

“I went on a pirate ship. I saw a pirate. I found a pirate chest. I was excited.” Essie, age 6

“Once upon a time there was a pirate named Portola he always was on the ocean one day his ship sang. 10 years later an explorer named aldwa found him put him in the museum but then a magical fairy made him home back alive and he is now sailing on the sea.” Dylan, age 8

March 2019

“We ventured out of the hotel to the back. We then followed the gold medallions to the Pacific House Plaza, where it than began to rain, but we continued through the treacherous conditions. There on the balcony we saw 9 pirates..and believe it or not, a bear! We counted three flags high. In a beautiful land of candy a pirate stood with a magnificent hat! We found that he and his family would use a family bike to get around from Adventures by the Sea! Portola is named after Gasper de Portola!” Kira, Kylie, Camden, age 12, 12, 4

“My adventure here at the Portola bay is to celebrate my special day. You see I am turning 5 and the beach is one of my favorite places to be. I enjoyed the aquarium and all of the creatures of the sea but relaxing in my hotel is where I would rather be! Looking out at the view from my patio chair & enjoying the fresh ocean air. Oh I must mention the cookies, they were such a treat, just a little bit of chocolate and oh, so, sweet. This pirate will be back another day until then I am off to sail the ocean blue.”

Thomas, age 5

January 2019

“I found lots of medallions and saw a fortune teller with my family. I think this place is beautiful.” Emma, age 4

“I had fun doing this treasure hunt.” Azad, age 6

“These adventures were good. When we went to a state park it was dark and scary because we saw a bird that got eaten by a mountain lion. When we did the scavenger hunt it was fun and hard. We went to a restaurant and it was very good. in my adventure I learned a lot of things.” Valentin, age 8

“These adventures were good. When we went to a state park it was dark and scary because we saw a bird that got eaten by a mountain lion. When we did the scavenger hunt it was fun and hard. We went to a restaurant and it was very good. in my adventure I learned a lot of things.” Samille, age 5

“I walked through the plaza and lernd about history.” Owen, age 6

“We went outside. It was cold. My mom and sister came after us. It was cloudy. I thought was going to rain. We found the clues fast. We came back to get the treasure in our room.” Kai, age 4

“We went outside looking for mermaids. I saw a lot of mermaid shells. Everything looked like mermaids.” Isla, age 2

“My name is Conor! I am 3 years old and from Phoenix. I like the airplane I got Juice. Now I am in California. Today I went to the aquarium where a big wave crashed and dady read me a book about an Albatross. When mommy and daddy got food I got chips! I love chips!” Conor, age 3

December 2018

“We counted the flags & animals on top of the building. We saw the prate in the candy shop. & went into the Museum looking for treasure. We found the captain outside the hotel. It was a lovely & Sunny.” Zander, age 4

“I had a great time exploring with daddy and pai, our French bulldog!” Makalo, age 6

“Captain Finley went on a treasure hunt to smell BBQ and S’mores. She started her adventure by climbing real trees. Captain Finley had a bad chasing her, so she pulled out her sword and attacked. The she became friends with it.” Finley, age 5

“Once upon a time Captain Beckett went on a scavenger hunt. She saw nothing. She smelled nothing. She ate nothing. She went nowhere. She had fun.” Beckett, age 2

November 2018

“Once apon a time captin black beard had an anderwater base called skull island. He left on his ship for treshare. Then as tormy hit it was called the sail. Lighting hit the ship and the sail. Then captin black beard found and island and they thought they could dig for treshare they dug and until they found rubys, pearles, dimonds, emrelds. Then they went home happily ever after.” Arain, age 8

“Once upon a time there was a pirate Captain named allie and her two brother were sailing to Monterey. They capured the king and queen of the Portola hotel. “Where is the money?” Allie asked. “I don’t’ know said the king check the front desk, “said the Queen. So the went to the front desk and goa treasure map. They started at the back of the hotel and went to the front. They finished at the front desk. Then they got to go to get a treasure. Allie tried to steel the chest but the queen said no. Allie got a beach ball and brothers go a yo-yo. Then they went into the hotel room and played. The End.” Allie, age 9

September 2018

“I had a race with my friends. We went to the candy shop just in time. J We saw the piarate hat just in time. When the lighted turend off. We fodowed the pat of the yello pat. When we went to Peter B’s sign the color where green and white. We found the adventure by the sea near the candy shop. We found the captain Don Gasper by the Yellow path. The number nine. The animal on the balcony of the Pacific House Masum is a Bear.” Briana, age 6

“The tale of Fergus the Pirate Dog Fergus was on his pirate ship named the Rowdy Mermaid. He Sailed to an island to search for treasure! He found another dog named Frank. Fergus asked Frank if he ws trapped on the island. “Yes” said Frank. He said he’s been here for 100 years. They went to go find treasure together. They found gold, candy (only one jelly bean) jewels, and bones. Fergus decided to save Frank and take him on his pirate shop. They became friends and ate bones together.” Carson, age 4

“My Favorite part of the treasure hunt is when I found the explorer and the trail.” Samuel, age 4

“I had a race with my firend and brother. When we went to Peter B’s sign the colors we saw were the colors green and white. When we found the path of the History Medallion on the ground, the color was yellow. The number of people on the Pacific House Museum is the number nine. The animal on the balcony of the Pacific House Museum is a bear. The number of flags flying high above the plaza is the number three. In the candy shop we saw the fortune tellers hat which pirates hat, just in time because the lights in the candy shop were about to run off and pirate family can explore. Monterey with a bike because there is not water. A pirates favorite way to travel is the name of the shop Adventures by the Sea. The name of the explorer is Captain Don Gaspar de Portola. I had fun on the treasure hunt today. The race ended up as a tie.” Sophia, age 7

July 2018

“I am 3 years old. I came here on a vacation with my brothers (twins). The treasure hunt was exciting. I like the pirate candy store and the lollipops. It was beautiful day.”*written by Dad Jordynn, age 3

“My day started with my friends by watching the parade, then we went to the Round Table Pizza after we went to the Park to play some activities it was fun, so we went swimming at the pool & spa then we hang out with Ice Cream at Rite Aid so delicious then we said goodbyes because my friends our leaving the next 2 months even its during school days so that’s sad.” Dylan, age 13

“In momoray I watch the perade and I had fun with my friends we went to the park. Know we are finishing the scavenger hunt.” Justin, age 9

“I went to see the paride of after we went to the park we played games and lisen to music, then we went to go eat after we ate we went to the pool we played 3 flags up and monkey in the midle and the we went to the room to change and then we went to go get ice cream the we said by to our friends and then we went to the hotel and ate our cookies and then we played games then we went to big fish to have dinner then we went top of big fish to see the fire works then we went back to the hotel and went to bed.” Jacob, age 9

He’s only two so he says: “Oh waves. Oh boat. Oh birdie. Oh Pizza.” Ben, age 2

“It was so much fun with my family on vacation! We explored a found a secret garden, went to the Aquarium and went on a sea horsey with my brother. Then we went to a little beach. We walked A LOT! We even went to the pool and I actually swam all by myself. I doggy paddled! I was really excited when we found the history path! I even got a fortune from the fortune teller! I loved Monterey!” Adelina, age 6

June 2018

“I liked staying at the hotel because it is close to the beach. I liked the candy land store by the hotel. The hotel workers even remembered my name “Xavier.” I liked the beds because they are so soft and comfy and the cookies…..yummy!! Finding the buried treasure w/ the map was fun and a mystery. I had a blast at the acqiarim that is close by. Thank you!” Xavier, age 5

May 2018

“I came here to have fun I like my room I was fun with frends!” Sophia, age 7

“I had fun on the treasure hunt. I learned many new things about pirates. I learned who this hotel was named after! I liked when I won a prize. I could not stop smileing. This is all of my reasons I had fun on the treasure hunt.” Candence, Dexter, Hudson, age 7,3,5

“Let me tell you about my walk. First, I went to the pacific museum and we found of them for Example we got lost. Next it what animal is on the bolcany and we said it was a bear. Last we went to land of candy and the lady gave us a hint and it was Pirite hat.” Briyan, age 9

“Today I am going to tell you about a scavenger hunt. First, the question said “What color are on the Peter B’s sing it showed up very quick because we walked out and it was in the front of our faces. We got lost in some directions. Next, we got lost on the question 2 because we went to the left and there was nothing on the ground. Then we went to the right and saw something. Then, in the candy store we saw a dog running loos, but it lead us to question 8. Last, we went to the statue and we were answering the last question number 9. My dog was barking at the statue. In conclusion, you now know about my scavenger hunt.” Breyannalle, age 9

“Once there was a pirate family the dad was named Jack the son was name liam the mom was name flora and the twin sisters names were Addy and Page and there last name was caririeden they wanted to got on a trip So they wanted to got on a tirp So they went to a hotel called portola they had fun that night in the lobby then they went in there hotel room the next morning they went on a shio because there hotel had no food left so they brought back food for the people at the hotel and then they leaf and took off to go home.” Ella, age 7

April 2018

“It was fun. My favorite part was ending at the candy shop!” Conor, age 5.5

“I had fun on the treasure hunt with my brother. I learned what a plaza was and saw the three flags. I got a treat at Candyland!” Quinn, age 7

“Once there was a sister and little sister and mom they went on a treasure hunt a pirate treasure hunt it was so much fun we got to find new things about the places pirates away. The end.” Aria, age 8

“I liked the hotel. I liked the monterey bay aquarium a lot. The hotel looks beautiful. They have the best cookies here at the Hotel. And the swimming pool was great. I saw all different kinds fish. I like Sleeping here.” Drake, age 7

“I like the hot tub and the pool. I really like the comfy beds. I slept really well. I liked the really good Breakfast. I liked the hotel very much.” Juanita, age 8

“I liked the pool. I liked the Beach. I like the pankakers and French tost at the breakfast.” Leahoh, age 5

“My tale is awesome we to the monterey bay swimming pool then we went to sardine factory.” Kyler, age 9

“Once upon a time there was a princess names Belle and she was so happy she wished she was Colette.” Colette, age 4

“One day my dad told as that there was a scavenger hunt and theres a prize if you finish so we ovestly went and started doing it. The the scavenger hunt we were kinda little start but we still figured it out then I saw a Few card board of wood cutouts of people there were go My brother all ready new the answer to the next one a bear I saw 3 flags on top ofa sestront. We had to look for a fortune teller so we look threw the window to see it but we didn’t so we inside my sister and brother walkes right past it and I saw it and said “hey its right here they turned around and saw it. The pirate fortune teller wharing a pirate hat. not onuf space” Oskav, age 9

“It was amazing.” Anna, age 8

“Once a pond a tale there was a treasure called the booty and everybody was digging for the very good treasure. Only one can find the very good treasure. So the started to dig forever intull the find the precious treasure and one day someone found something was so beautiful treasure. Everybody was selibiating and they lived happey ever after.” Liam, age 8

“Once upon a tale pirates came to Monterey Bay in search of treasure. They arrived at the bay they started digging and digging. Then the the good Pirates came and noticed that the bad pirates were already there. So they started to fire cannon balls at them. The bad pirates started to retreat they finally go on the boat and went away. Then they all got off the ship go the treasure and lived a good live being rich.” Landon, age 10

March 2018

“I had a great adventure with my family looking for treasure around the hotel.” Sohaan, age 3

“I came here as a baby with my parents grandma and aunt Vanessa. Now Im 4 years old and I’m here again. I love the pool!” Jacob, age 4 ½

“Hi, my name is Areen Maan and my tale is very risk taking. One day I was sailing through the great Pacific Ocean. While I was sailing the waves got bigger and the tide got higher. I looked in the water and saw a shark. I throw five tuna into the water he didn’t eat them, so then I throw ten salmon he didn’t eat that either. The shark suddenly turned over on its back. I saw that it was hurt! So I took it to the sea animal hospital. Then the shark got all better and got sent back to the Pacific Ocean.” Aveen, age 7

February 2018

“We had a very exiting and fun trip! Before we walked in we had a very, very 15 hour car dive here!!!!! We think it was one of the longest car trip we’ve been in! It was a very very, very, very,very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very long ride here + boring very very very boring. When we got hear we went to Hearst Castle. Then we were finished we went to this hotel. After we were comphortable we went to eat. After that we went to sleep and a new day came!!” Caitlin & Alexis, ages 10 & 9

“I was on a ship with my family we stop at a island and whent to a place called Hulas then we whent to a crepe place We allso whent to the aquarium.” Sarine, age 6

“I am at Monterey I went to the Aquarium I went to visit the sehorse. I touched the crab. I was fun! We stop at island and we went to a place called Hulas.” Vaughn, age 5

“I went to the candy land shop. I want to get the giant tede bear. I went to fishermans wharf. I saw jelly fish at fishermans wharf. I like this hotel!” Ethan, age 6

“This is my 7th stay at the Monterey hotel. I love the aquarium all the things. This trip I have played at the beach and want to go to the Aquarium, see the butterflies, eat a giant pancake, and see the lighthouse. I love visiting Monterey!” Adelaide, age 3 1/2

“Onece uponia time a SEA OTTER, family lost there baby named Luna from a storm. They were SAD. SO SAD that the SEA even was SADER than any body in the SEA. Luckily pirates rescued Luna until SHE was better. Luna was free out again!!! SHE growed beautifully. SHE gave birth to a 4 children. SHE lived happily ever after. THE END…” Erin, age 7

November 2017

“It made me happy and made me laugh! Dictated to Lola Carter aka Grandma.” Bradley, age 3

“Hellooo my name is Axel and I am age 12 years old and I like football and of course I like my friends. I live in Sweden.” Axel, age 12

“Hello my name is Sofie. I am 12 years old and I com from Sweden. We are going home to Sweden on Saturday.” Sofie, age 9

“So when I got this paper, I started instantly. It took some time, but eventually we did it. Then I wrote this tale for others to read, so others can enjoy this scavenger hunt pirate adventure. The End. Just kidding, when we first went to the candy store, it was not open. We waited until after noon. We completed this journey after finding a gold medallion, counting men and much more. So now it ends but we will be back.” Campbell, age 8

October 2017

“Once I went to the Portola Hotel and I found a map that said there was a portola pirates childrens program so I went and did it and I went to the back of the Hotel and found the answers! The end.” Matilda, age 9

“To find answers to get to, the treasure I well first I went to Peter B and I saw the sign and the path. The food there is great! I went to the museum to. There I found the path and how many people are on the balcony of the pacific plaza. There are nine peoples the animal that is on the pacific plaza is a bear. Next I went to the candy story and looked around. I found out the hat was a pirates.” Toni, age 10

“We are here to help babyst my 3 cousins, Harlowe, Sloane, and Huddy. While my Uncles and Aunties are at a Wedding. We went to the Dennis the Menace Park. My favorite part of the park was walking across the bridge and going down the slides with my cousins. We went on walks near the water. We saw sea lions, jellyfish, starfish and lots of birds.” Brayden, age 5

“I had fun at the beach. I love to swim.” Westin, age 6

“One morning my mom woke me up and said, we are going to Portola Hotel. We arrived and unloaded are stuff and went to the pool and spa. The pool was so fun and the spa was so hot and bubbly.” Ravin, age 9

“Once in a far away land, there was a mirmade! She had glittery blond hair, deep blue eyes, a soft smile, and was very nice. Her tail was blue, green, and gold. But all the mirmades in the kinddom, were very jelous! She had to do something about it! She first tried to ignore it, but that did not work. Then she tried to disguise her self, but all the mirmades found her. Finally she shoed all of the mirmades that they all had beauty in them-self’s too! And all the mirmades and abby (her name) lived happily ever after. The end.” Ava, age 9

“Cora and the Caribein is having fon at the Portola.” Cora, age 5

August 2017

“We came to Monterey to see the hammer head shark at the aquarium and sleep in the hotel. We saw the seals in the water and all the boats. The birds made a lot of noise from our window and my mom closed it. I got seal and otter toys and a new sand dollar necklace. This is the best vacation.” Scarlett, age 5

“I had so much fun here. I enjoyed the circle pool. I liked the clam chowder at fishermans wharf. The mirror maze in the cannery row was so cool! Dennis the menace park was the best park I have ever been to!” Lucca, age 8 ½

July 2017

“I love the Hotel and the pool. It was so much fun at the Aquarium and walking around. I hope I come back soon.” Nina, age 8

“We walked from the hotel to the Aquarium while figuring out the clues to the treasure. The walk was so beautiful, and the treasure map- clues were fun to figure out. I love Monterey.” Naomi, age 11

“I liked finding the medallions.” Takeo, age 4

“My brothers and I found clues on the ground and walls. My favorite place to find a clue was Candyland.” Emiko, age 5

“We ran out of the hotel and found the first one right outside then we found the medallions near the restaurant. There were 9 people on the deck and 1 animal. On the place there were 3 flags. Oh Candyland we found the hat my favorite part of the treasure. I was having so much fun I lost my bag.” Toshio, age 8

June 2017

“Once opone a time a dangerus man named Captian Server Meanie Butt, he was the meanist. I mean meanist person on the deck. He would take children but he wasn’t achally the meanist. His boss was James Hook. Captin Hook would demand people to do every thing for him aspecally smea. He took Wendy who was aregonarly Jane. Then peter pan saved her. The end.” Danielle Meyer, age 9

“Once opon a time two little pigs one bilt his house of twigs. One day a pirate came and chop it all off. One little pig built his hous out of hay. A pirate came and chopped it all off.” Carter Meyer, age 7

April 2017

“I loved the pirate treasure hunt and being close the water. I liked the cookie I got when I got to the hotel.” Kevin Penfold, Age 4

“My name is Charlie Joe and I’m two years old. I loved the cookies when I arrived. The balcony is one of my favorite parts. I felt the sand between my toes for the first time in my life on my visit.” Charlie Joe, Age 2

“The Portola Hotel is a great place. It is close to the beach, and there are lots of Seashells to be found. I enjoyed doing the hotel treasure hunt.” Cy L, Age 6

“I went to the beach, and I collected sea shells. When I got back to the hotel, there was LIVE hermit crab in my collection of shells. I told everyone in the hotel. I had fun here!” Zach L, Age 5

October 2016

“After breakfast we walk around and search for the Peter’s B sign. We head outside where my dad spots the sign and I took a picture. Next we wak around find a candy shop. I turn to ask my dad for candy but he’s nowhere to be found. Then I spot him with my brother. My brother tripped over a yellow medation starck on the floor. Since I love museums I wanted to get a peek into the Pacific Museum but then my brother calls me ”Sarah I’m shy of dose persons!” I look up and see 9 people who were painted on the balcony. Everywhere I went I saw a bear which is my uncles favorite animal.” Sarah B, Age 10

“Green and white, I like the oktpus.” Ahmed, Age 5

July 2016

“We drove from Rosevile to Monterey and we did the treasure hunt. It was so much fun. The best part was looking at what hat the fortune teller was wearing. I also liked looking at the candy in the shops even though it wasn’t part of the treasure hunt. I like the model boats inside. I wish I could ride it! I tried a calzone at Peter B’s Brewpub and loved it! We are going whale watching and to the park. I am so excited! We are going to the maze at the park. I hope we see a lot of whals at the whale watching today. I am so excited.” Jude, Age 8

“We drove from Roseville to Monterey and we did the treasure hunt. It was so much fun. The best part was counting the people on the Pacific House Museum balcony. There was also a bear on the balcony! Finding out the pearson the hotel was named after was pretty fun too. We were searching for the name of the person all over the hotel, but did not find it. Finally we found it but it was on the paper. We went back to the front desk and asked them if we were correct she said yes. I think that was the best scavenger hunt ever!” Layla, Age 10

“We got to the Portola at 10 in the night, There weren’t very many adventures insight.

That was until light…At the aquarium, there were lots of fish, And exhibs that told you what should be on your dish. A treasure hunt, a very warm pool, A very nice room, it was very cool! I recommend this nice hotel, And all the museums and aquarium as well.” Kailey, Age 10

June 2016

“We went to a place that has a mirror maze and there was also a laser challenge. This was my favorite part of our tip. There were laser Beams shooting across the room and I had to cut and punch through them as fast as I could. I was going crazy in there. I wish I could have stayed there all night long! I cant wait to come back and play that game again.” Allyssa, age 7

May 2016

“Today I went to the Monterey Aquarium. I liked seeing the fish. My favorite was the sharks. I also saw the ocean. I love the Monterey bay ocean. I saw a show, it was about sharks. I hope to help keep the ocean clean by picking up trash, and recycling. The otters, fishies, turtles and sea animals need our help. I had a fun day.” Jaidyn, age 5

April 2016

“At first it was really fun because the answers were right outside. But when it came to the last question I looked everywhere to find the answer. Finally when my family and I went on a surry we biked to the Monteray “Welcome “sign and saw Portolas real name. I wish I had known this activity earlier because I have been here many times before.” Lucia, age 12

“Hi, my name is Ingrid. I am from vancouver Wa. I came here on spring break, on a road trip. We drove down the oregon coast and california coast. We visited the oregon coast aquarium and monerey bay aquarium. We had a very fun time. THE END.” Ingrid, age 9

March 2016

“Today Wednesday, March 30, 201 we had a amazing journey. First we went to the green/white Pete B Sign. Then we went to the yellow history medallion. Finnally we went to the balcony and counted 9 people. We went to more places but this is all I’m going to tell you.” Maya, age 7

“Matthew and daddy and Mommy were on a trip to a beach to dig for some treasure when they where diging sundnly they heard A kaboom! because a pirate ship wanted the same treasure. When the other piratate got of his ship he said I got here first so I get the treasure, Matthew daddy and Mommy shouted we got here first so we should have the treasure. They argued and argued untel a big ship came and wanted a swad fight and who ever wins gets the treasure so they team up and fighted the other pirate and won and got the treasure and shared the treasure together.” Matthew, age 7

“I am having a very good day. We are going to a restraunt. I went to the pool. The hot tub was very hot.” Elena, age 9

“My trip has been great. We went to the pool it was awesome we also went to peter B’s and I had a hot dog. It was good. The day of fun I had was great!” Sophia, age 7

“We journeyed out to the back of the hotel where we explored the great outdoors and followed the path that the map hinted to us. It was really exciting and I hope I can do it again soon…” Shira, age 12

“I enjoyed everything, I liked my bed, room, everything. I had a good night sleep. I enjoyed my hike to Point Lobos. The view was Marvellous! The cookie gift, it was very yummy J I liked the food. I enjoy seeing the trees in the lobby. It was unique! I love the Portola!” Nya, age 7

“First we ventured to the Peter B’s sign. Then I followed a road of gold medallions, over to the Pacific house. There were people and a bear. It must have been scary. We passed the 3 flags flying high, and then came to the Candyland fortune teller. I passed the see and then ended back at the Portola Hotel. There, I learnt about the Sea Car Tours. Just as I was about to get to my room, I saw a picture. Under was a caption informing me about a pirate named Gasper De Portola. I immediately realized that this hotel was named after him.” Dhruv, age 10

“My favorite thing our family did on our vacation in Monterey was when we went to the beach. The beach has to be one of my favorite places because it is so calming and you can do so much. I played volleyball with my sister in carmel (I wasn’t very good) and played with a ball on the sand with my dad. My sister, Shay, and I also played in the ocean. It was freezing! Our parents thought we were insane. We were the only people that were in the ocean on the beach, so it was really fun.” Reese, age 12

“Pirits are the gratist thing I ever sall in my life I love pirits.” Nikki & Kellen, ages 6 & 4

“My vacation was cool. I saw lots of awesome ships. I got to go swimming. I went to the park. I’m on my way to the aquarium.” Korin, age 5

February 2016

“Once upon a long, long time ago a gang of scurvy sea dogs went to find the treasure of their lives. The map of Portola tells of a treasure hidden at Sea Otters Cove. The gang went searching. They walked across the beach their feet crunching on shells of black and purple. They found a cave guarded by monster sea dragons commanded by a Pacific octopus. The band of Pirates battled the Kraken and his minions and they won! They walked into the cave to find…a baby sea otter. A real treasure.” Rowan & Callum, ages 10 & 6

January 2016

“I had so much fun. My favorite one was learning about ships. Thank you!” Dylan, age 6

“First I went by Jacks and I saw two signs up high. First I went in Jacks looked to the right and saw three ships. Then I looked to the left and saw 1 ship. Then I looked around Jacks and looked down and saw stripes. First I went through candy land and in the back of candy land and saw the pirate and he had a pirate hat on. Then on the side of candy land I saw a wall that said custom house plaza. Then I went inside and counted by two’s to find out how many living trees there were and I got 12. Then I went through the lobby and found a model ship of the great reblublic ship and there was a sign that said it was built in 1853 and lost in 1872. Then I went to the front desk and there were 3 dimonds.” Maddie, age 8

December 2015

“Once Upon a time, there was a man named Juan Pource De Leon. He was a poor man. He used to serve letters to his king, until he overheard his king talking about the “fountain of youth”. Sadly he searched for the “fountain of youth” for 19 years. He never found it. But he found the Gulf of Mexico. At the end everybody in his village, El Doredino, they locked him up and had him executed because he made a promise and said, “I will look for this treasure until I die. I will allow you to kill me if I don’t complete the task”. Well he didn’t so then he died, but 40 years later Somebody named El’ nino’ comino’ found something called “Garden of Eden”. He turned out to be the richest man. – The end.” Emily, age 10

“Once we went to new yourk is took us 2 and a half day to get to canada. I went to the choclet factory. A another wenter I had to go to Washington d.c I went to the museum we saw beterfly we saw the biggest shark in the whole word it was so fun I saw a telescope to the stars you can onley see it on satrday Sunday Friday I had so much fun I saw all kids of fun stuff the end.” Alyson Hembree, age 8

November 2015

“My voage was very fun. I really hope that they will be another hunt.” Ava, age 10

October 2015

“We went searching for treasure. Then we crashed into a rock and sunk. Then sharks were the ones that pushed the rock. Then black beards treasure was under water.” Jayden, age 5

September 2015

“Me and my dad were so cold outside we had to find the pirate. It was easy to count the trees.” Keilall Ezaddin, age 11

August 2015

“One day best mates Sophie and Max wanted to have a real pirate adventure. They jumped onto their pirate ship named Mr. McScully and set sail on the seven seas to find buried treasure. They even had a pet parrot name Squakers. Their voyage took them to Mongolia and Zimbabwe before ending up in Monterey at the Portola Hotel & Spa where they found their buried treasure of 2,928 gold dubloons. During this swash-buckling adventure they saw lots of unicorns and sharks and returned home to share their booty with their cat Miky!” Sophie O, age 12 & Max O age 7

July 2015

“Far far away in a Hotale a girl named Mia looked for cloos she found Jack sines, ships, stripes, piret hat, custum house plasa and 12 trees and lots of other things it was fast.” Mia Marin, age 7

June 2015

“Once upon a time three Pirates were looking for treasure in Magic Pirate Cove. The pirates names are Giggles, Jack and Captain Ben. When they were about halfway through Magic Pirate Cave they spotted the magic monkey “woah he’s huge” said Giggles. Suddenly the monkey swooped down and landed on Jack’s back. Even though Jack was a very clever and tricky guy, he disappeared and no one ever saw him again, but they kept seeing flashes of the misterest monkey. But before you cay Pirates pitful private party five times fast they were out of the Magic Pirate Cave and they never ever went there ever again. The End.” Kaylee Newhaus, age 7

“I went to Portola hotel and my mom gave me a scavenger hunt paper. We went and we got to the front desk we talked that I finished it and there was a chest full of gold. The end.” Rubin, age 8

“Once upon a time there was a very nice pirate named Captain Crook. He wasen’t a crook, that was just what his last name was. He also had a treasure map. So one day he went on a hunt. When he found the treasure it had ice cream in it! The End.” Asher Huffman, age 8

May 2015

“My name is Faris and I am going to tell you a tale of my scavenger hunt. My tale starts with me entering the lobby where I see 2 Jacks signs and when I enter Jacks I see 3 model ships which were very interesting to read about. Then when I excited the back doors I saw a fortune teller pirates that was wearing a black pirate hat and he told me to give up my treasure. When I entered the lobby I walked through 12 large trees that were live trees and I saw the great republic ship which was built in 1853 and lost in 1872. I had fun on my adventurous scavenger hunt.” Faris Khandaaji, age 10

“I saw a seal in the water. I went to 4 candy land stores. I saw 100 boats.” Aryan Patel

April 2015

“My name is Pirate Ben. My favorite thing at the Portola Hotel was the amazing elevator.” Benjamin Ellis, age 2

“My name is Pirate Olivia. My favorite thing at the Portola Hotel was the noisy chair in our room and the elevator.” Olivia Ellis, age 5

March 2015

“Me and my siblings each found some Jack signs. We went to Jacks shop and each found a ship. Then we found out that Jacks had ships on the floor. We went to candy land and found the pirate hat. We went and found 12 trees in the lobby. Then we saw the plaza. Then we counted all the trees. Then we went and read about the gret republic ship. Then we went to the front desk.” Maggie K, age 7

“First we went to the lobby and looked around for the jack’s sign. Then we inside and found 3 model ships the ground was droerated with stripes. Then we went to the sign that told where to the plaza behind the sign. We went to candyland and we found out that the pirates hat was a pirate hat. Then we found a sign that said what the ship was made in 1853 and all the other stuff.” Bryan, age 7

“I finished the treasure hunt. I found the X mark. I heled my pirate map. I put my pirate hat on my head. I sailed my ship and I said X marks the spot. The end.” Shrey, age 5

“I first came to the Portola Hotel excited to go to Monterey Bay Aquarium. But first we went on a treasure hunt! I was so excited for treasure, I got started right away. Next, Time for dinner! We head off to the Fish Hopper. Today, up bright and shingin’ and off to the aquarium.” Maddy, age 10

“We are going to the aquariem. We went out for diner. We went out for breakfast. We went for a walk. We had fun.” Alana, age 8

“I very much enjoyed my vacation at Portola Hotel. You guys should get a day off for your amazing service and read my story. I finished the 9 clues in the treasure hunt. Then I went swimming in a pool and relaxed in a hot tub. If you have not been here yet, I encourage you to come here! Thank you for your service.” Nidhi, age 9

February 2015

“I went to Monterey Bay for my 9th birthday and got a souvenir. Then I went to the hotel and swam and then I did the scavenger hunt. It was fun! I can’t wait to come back.” Cooper, age 9

“My name is Zoey. I am 3 years old and I will be 4 in July. Today, me, my mommy and my daddy went to the Aquarium and we saw lots of animals that live in the water. I really like the scavenger hunt because it was fun to do at the hotel. Thank you very much!” Zoey, age 9

“What I did? We went to the Aquarium. I saw an otter and a seal and then I went to the Jacuzzi. It felt good. I felt happy.” Meliny, age 6

“We began our adventure in Disneyland and it was. We went to the SB Zoo so FUN!! Then we travelled to the Madonna Inn. It was cool. We made our own fort. There was even old guns on the wall! We travelled further North and saw tied pools and the beach as well! It was like a house and Ryan and I shared a room. Then Pfieffer Beach was so cool! It is my Grandmas favorite place. Now we are here! Our most favorite of all there is so much to discover. It is our first time to visit the aquarium.” Keegan, age 5 ½

January 2015

“We went to fisherman’s wharf and ate dinner. Today we will go to point lobos. I like my bed.” Amanda, age 5

“One time at Portola Hotel & Spa, we went treasure hunting, Aargh! It was a mighty fine day! My brother, parents and I looked at the map and searched until we found a buried treasure. It was gold and an eye patch. Then we took a walk around town. We walked over 4 miles. On our last day we are going to the aquarium. We had the best time! I am so happy we came to Monterey and Portola! I can’t wait to come back and get my root beer float!” Ryan Wilke, age 9

“My Portola experience was one I will never forget. First, I got to become a pirate and hunt for buried treasure with the Portola Pirates Program. Next, I got to go on a 2 mile track from the hotel all the way to the Fish Hopper. After that we got ice cream at a Ghirardelli shop and went 2 miles back home. The last day of our visit was the best because we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium!!! That is why I will never forget my Portola experience.” Nick, age 11

“I went to the Aquarium and I saw a bat ray. I had fun at the hotel looking for treasure.” Max, age 7

“First we went out of our hotel. We explored the treasures of our hotel lobby. We learned about pirates.

We saw all of the model ships. We ran to the candy store. The End.” Gavin Beers, age 6

“Our voyage started after breakfast. First we traveled to the lobby and found 2 Jack signs and then went into Jacks and found 3 model ships. We also saw a pattern of stripes and then we sailed to the candy shop and the pirate had a pirate hat. We sailed out of the candy store and saw the Custom House Plaza and we went back to the lobby. We already knew there were 12 trees in the lobby so we looked at the Great Republic Ship and saw that it was built in 1853 and then we saw 9 diamonds. The End.” Aidan Beers, age 10

December 2014

“Once upon a time there was a pirate named, Sussy and a crew of 15. Her ship was huge and one night Sully accidently crashed her ship so she ended up walking to the Portola Hotel and Spa and asked, “Can we stay here?” The Front Desk person replied, “Do you have money?” Sussy pulled out a bag of gold and diamonds. Sussy and her crew stayed three nights and a day and recommends the Portola Hotel and Spa to all of her pirate friends.” Rilee Demartini, age 11

“There was a gingerbread girl named Lilly. Lilly’s brother got eaten by the wolf and she did not want to get eaten by the wolf or she would be in the wolf’s belly.” Kayle Demartini, age 7

“I had a really fun time at the museum and on my treasure hunt! I can’t wait to do it again next year!” Olivia Palomar, age 8

“I had a great time in Monterey. This is what I did: I went to the Aquarium and Dennis the Menace playground. At the aquarium we saw hammerhead sharks, jellyfish, octopus, schools of fish, seahorses, otters, and stingrays. At the park I saw my cousins. We played on the playground together. I was sad when we had to go. I saw my cousins again in the lobby of my hotel. When we went to the shop I made a coin and got a bracelet for the coin. The End.” Megan Weiss, age 7

“Today, my family and I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. When we started to explore the aquarium, I was amazed at how many animals there were! First, we watched the sea otters. They were cute and really funny. Next, we looked at the jellyfish exhibit. The jellyfish came in many colors and sizes, and I also learned many facts about jellyfish. Finally, my family and I went to see the touch pools. It was fun touching the animals and it gave me insight into animals lives. Overall, the Monterey Bay Aquarium was an amazing place to visit.” Prantik Bharadwaj, age 11

“Once upon a time, there was a girl named Nancy. She was a pirate too! She was on a ship. One stormy night, the ship was shaking. It had a crack. Nancy was feeling really dizzy. The crew was feeling all right. She fell in the sea. She screamed, “Ahhh!” The crew did not care, until they woke up and saw Nancy in the water. They tried to help her, but she could not get up. On her last try, she did it! A souvenir was for her, a pirate hat. The End!” Prakrit Bharadwaj, age 6

November 2014

“I had a lot of fun watching whales.” Gurjas, age 6

“We came from Napa for my dad’s BIRTHDAY! We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium it was so fun. We went on two tours for my dad. the first tour was a private tour. The second tour was not private. But the tour was seeing otters it was so cute.” Kiera, age 7

“It was a good exspirenince, and it was you know what it was sort of but not exatley boring though. So preety much it was fun and a lot of reading to.” Caldn, age 8

“There once was little boy names Kabin who came to Monterey with his parents. He went to see the Boxfish show in the Monterey Bay Aquarium.” Kabin, age 6

“We planned this trip as a surprise for my dad’s birthday! First, we drove 2.5 hours to Monterey Bay Aquarium. Next, we looked around the aquarium and got a behind the scenes tour. I’ll say that it was a fantastic tour. Then, we waited for the otter tour. It was amazing! Finally, we toured the rest of the aquarium by ourselves and checked into a beautiful hotel. That is my vacation so far!” Bailey, age 10

“We in this place + we counted all the trees. Ma na ma na.” Rylan, age 4

August 2014

“Hi everyone! I’m Mia and I’m going to tell you my story about Monterey: One Monday me and my family were headed here, to Monterey. It was a long long Long car drive, I wish we took a plane. I watched Frozen in the car we got there we got all our bags out of the car, I carried my backpack. Then we found out our room number at the frount desk, we got welcome cookies too. Yum. We went to our room, and saw a problem….there were only two BEDS! (we had 4 people in our family.) so we had to fit 2 people in each bed. The next day we went to breakfast, then saw the aquarium. It was so cool. Then we went back to the hotel and changed for the beach it was a blast! Thank you Monterey for making my vacation so special.” Mia Gutilla, age 8

July 2014

“I have spent 2 days exploring and I have enjoyed my adventure. I love the hot tub and swimming pool. My room was beautiful and the trolly was so easy to hop on and visit other destinations on my map. I can’t wait to come again.” Dakota, age 4

“I used my unicorn to help find all the treasure.” Anne Wade, age 5

“I loved the pirate treasure hunt and looking for clues with my Dad.” Thomas Wade, age 5

"We went through a candy shop to find treasure and I learned about Seafood Watch.” Liliane Wade, age 7

June 2014

“This way, that way, opps wrong way. Follow the map, find the treasure, look and see what’s there. This way, that way, forwards, opps wrong way. This is confusing and hard but I like it so much. This way, that way, backwards, forwards. A treasure hunt is very fun, and it needs to be done. When, oh, when will we find that treasure, I already collected facts, but there’s more, open the door and see whats there. This way, that way, forwards, I FOUND TREASURE!” Kailey Shapiro, age 8

April 2014

“Our Adventure began on Saturday afternoon. We came to the hotel late in the afternoon and came to Peter B’s for dinner. Our dog Jake had the most fun of all. I walked him around while mom and dad finished dinner. Sunday we went to the beach and my dad buried me in the sand. Later we went to Passion fish and dinner was excellent. Monday my mom got lost trying to get to the dog day care. Then we went to the pool. Today we are leaving. We had fun!” Sean, age 10

“First I left around at 3 and reached about at 5. Then I started to get in my hotel and play with my friend. On Friday after we setled down and headed to some shops and ate seafood. On Saturday I went biking and ate Indian food. I also had to go on the slough on Saturday. On Sunday I had to go home in the night but we still did some stuff. We went to the beach and ate crapes for lunch. That was fun!” Shreya Sadhwani, age 8

“I enjoyed my big adventure with mommy, daddy and sister. I liked the model ships, and nice people we met along the way. Thank you Portola Hotel for this wonderful adventure!” Joshie K., age 3

“Ahoy Mates the Aquarium was awesome you need to come visit. You can see cool animals such as sharks seals sea otters crabs sea urchins and other cool animals.” #montereyiscool Liam O’Keeffe, age 6

“I loved seeing all of the cool wildlife such as seals and otters! But my favorite part of Monterey was the aquarium! It was so cool seeing all of the animals such as sharks, otters, jelly fish, crabs! In general, that was the best part. Also, although there were some complications my room was great! There was even a telescope on one of them! I loved Monterey! Also, we rented a bike cart thingy! It was so fun! I loved this place and I hope you come here to! #Montereyisawesome!” John O’Keeffe, age 11

“Ahoy Marey, I have bin in Monterey and it has bin the best. It is awesome. It is fun and I have the best room ever! The seals are awesome. They are on the rocks on the beach. The Aquarium has some many things to see. Sharks, fish. I loved to see the pangwins and jellyfish. There also is bikes that lots of people can ride. Come visit Monterey. #Montereyisthebest! From Our Captin” Alex O’Keeffe, age 9

“When we got there I was exausted. I was tired from the car drive. After we checked in I nearly fell asleep. I woke up the next morning at 6:55am! I was o.k. but wanted to get the day over so after the safari we took I ate lunch and went swiming. I loved it. Then till dinner we in our epic hotel room for 3 hours! (I watched T.V.) After dinner we fell asleep. When I woke up I knew it was leaving day!” Aneesh, age 9

March 2014

“We rode our bike to the lighthouse and it was bilt in 1855. And the name of it was Point Pinos. It was fun!” Jamie McGeown, age 6 ½

“I think that the treasure hunt was really fun. I got to learn about ships and it was fun. My favorite part was all of it! I hope all the other kids enjoyed it as much as I did! I hope I can come back soon!” Jordan M., age 8

“It was sopr fun : )” Lauryn M., age 6

“I like’t answering the questions and the treasure and the gold nicklis and the adventure it was so so so so so so so so so fun. I past candy land and I got cotton candy I went wale watching. I got to see sea lions. And I got to go to the swimming pool and at the Hotel you had a pirate bag I had so so so so so so so so so so much fun at Potola Hotel and Spa it was relly relly relly fun every were was so so so so so so so so much fun!” Louise Rault, age 6 ½

February 2014

“Hi my name is Caden. I am 8 years old. I live in Sacramento CA. We are visiting my 15 year old sister because she has a synchronized swim meet. I love to be at the Portola Hotel and Spa. We ate at Peter B’s Brewpub for dinner. It was the best restaurant ever. My trip here was 3 hours. We watched 2 movies to get to this fabulous hotel. It was worth it. The lemon sorbet was the best in the world. My Mom was to full to order some of it. I am going to swimming and relax in the hot tub. You have to come.” Caden, age 8

October 2013

“On my marvelous vacation to Monterey I had lots of adventures. I went to the bottom of the sea to see where the Great Republic ship was lost and when it was built and lost at the big wide ocean. I also went to the secret hiding place of Jacks Restaurant to see how many model ships Jack built. A weird thing was that the hiding place of Jacks was covered with stripes. I went to the sweet land of candy to see that a pirate was to greet me at the door. Last I went to the ship of Pirate Peter B’s to see how many model ships he had built. I also went to the depths of the Monterey Bay Aquarium to see all the dangerous and fierce animals. I hope I come back to Monterey again.” Michael Clawson, age 10

September 2012

“One day I went to a park. When I went to the zipline part of the park the incident happened. Some guy said “use my coat as zipline.” I said “no.” He kept on bugging me. Anyway I grabbed the bar on the zipline but, I didn’t have a good grip so I plunged down to the ground. Son my Mom said” What happened!?” so I told her then she alarming drove me to the emergency room in the hospital she worked at. I went in the hospital I don’t want to explain what happened it was a little unexpected. I had three staples in my head. I thought everyone would tease me at school because they would say “you have the most terrible grip in the world.” When I got to school they were amazed about what happened.” Joseph N. Fischer, age 9

July 2012

“My favorite thing at the museum is the shark scavenger hunt.” Savana Raber, age 8

“My Favorite things at the museum were the ambulance, the tractor and the golf cart.” Brandon Raber, age 5

June 2012

“I had a great time doing the treasure hunt. It was fun going around the hotel. The Portola hotel is my favorite hotel because of the service, the rooms and the cookies!” Luke A. Gargotta, age 10

May 2012

“When I went to the aquarium I saw some sharks. Next I saw starfish, otters and jellyfish. When I saw the sharks it made me feel like if I was a pirate on a boat. When I saw the otters it made me feel like I was a pirate seeing them eat. You should always have fun at the aquarium because it’s a fun place.” Andrea Bautista, age 9

“Let me tell you about the time I went to the Aquarium! The first thing I saw was the sharks, it was really cool! Next I saw the fish! I also saw starfishes and flamingos. The coolest thing I saw was the X-ray!” Victoria, age 7

April 2012

“I like the waves at the beach. I like the sound the waves make when the crash. I like to play in the waves. I also like the play area at the aquarium where you can crawl through the tunnel and see the fish.” Natalie Wellner, age 5

March 2012

was at My Museum with my mom & sister. I found out that one of the toys were gone. So I volunteered to help find the toy. I found this map that led me to the Aquarium. Then I found another map at the shark’s tank that led me to another room. Where I found a footprint where the toy was hidden. I took the toy back to My Museum, but I had a measuring tape in my pocket, so I went back to the footprint and measured it. I measured all the feet of everyone I knew and of all the people that worked at the Aquarium. After taking all the measurements, I realized it was the boss of the Aquarium took the toy. I made him confess and he said he was sorry and took the toy back to My Museum. Everybody was happy.” Jeremiah Hilbert, age 7

“I went to the Aquarium with my class and we swam with the sharks. I hung on the shark’s fin and the shark tried to eat me! Then I saw a dolphin, I thought it was coming to help me, but as it got closer I saw it was another shark. I swam away and went back with my class. All of a sudden my class disappeared and the shark was right behind me! I saw another dolphin and thought it was another shark, but it was really a dolphin. I jumped on the dolphin and tried to find my class. I found my class and I was happy.” Abbey Hilbert, age 8

“My favorite part about My Museum was making a Tiger with all their crayons and stickers. I got to play in the bubble and went in the giant tree house. When I went to the Aquarium I saw all the sharks! I got to see hammerhead shark too that was my favorite.” Vivian, age 5