Brunch Booze Buggy Essentials

Brunch Booze Buggy Essentials

Planning on hosting brunch or dining out with friends for a fabulous brunch date? Well, let us help you in choosing the best combinations for your favorite brunch cocktails. Inspired by our rolling Booze Buggy Beverage Cart at Jacks Monterey here at the Portola Hotel & Spa, we’ve got all the bases covered when it comes to creating the most delicious brunch cocktails.
Brunch Booze Buggy- Jacks Monterey


Our Go To Essentials for Mimosas, Screwdrivers, Tequila Sunrise & of course the Bloody Mary include:

Mimosas- Portola Hotel & Spa

Alcoholic Beverages:
-Sparkling Wine or Champagne (splits or full bottles)

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:
-Tomato Juice/Bloody Mary Mix
-Orange Juice
-Cranberry Juice
-Your favorite fruit juices work too!

-Bacon (cooked)
-Pickled Veggies
– Peppers (pepperoncinis are a favorite)
-Green Beans
-A Variety of Olives
-Lemon & Lime Wedges
-Sliced Orange Wheels

Spice It Up:
-Worchestire Sauce
-A1 Steak Sauce
-Tajin for rimming
-Tabasco Sauce

-Champagne Glasses
-Low Balls
-High Balls
-Pint Glasses
-Mason Jars are also a fun addition

Brunch Booze Buggy- Jacks Monterey


Experience Jacks Monterey’s Booze

Brunch at Jacks Monterey

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