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Enrich Your Travel With History

21 Jan 2021
Enrich Your Travel With History

Is learning about history and visiting historical sites high on your travel checklist?

It is rather remarkable to think about the people and events before us, especially when visiting a new place. Did you know Monterey, California, is rich in history, from Spanish Adobes to the state's "first" landmarks?

The recorded activities and historical structures found along the west coast may be relatively "new" compared to other regions and countries, but the beauty and preservation of the culture are just as important. Thanks to California State Parks and the City of Monterey, historical landmarks are and will continue to be preserved for generations.

historic landmark

Historic Adobe Style Structure

Historical Monterey

Monterey is renowned for its stunning coastline, world famous attractions, but it is also notable within the nation's history. The first capital of the State of California, Monterey is home to the largest collection of historic buildings in public ownership west of Williamsburg, with many historic buildings open for public tours.*

Monterey is home to the Del Monte Golf Course, the oldest golf course west of the Mississippi River and the oldest lighthouse on the West Coast. Historical buildings within walking distance of the Portola Hotel & Spa and the surrounding downtown area include the first theater in the State of California, Colton Hall, Custom House, and the first brick house in California, built in 1847.  Best explored by foot, these historical landmarks are woven through the city's coastal landscape and beautifully preserved for future visitors.

first brick house

First Brick House, Monterey, California

Path of History

Explore Monterey's colorful adobes, gardens, and historic structures with a free self-guided walking tour via the "Monterey Walking Path of History." Brochures with information about the 3-mile walking tour are available at Custom House or Pacific House Museums. For additional information about each historic location, visitors may take a cell phone tour of historic buildings by dialing (831) 998-9458, followed by a Stop Number when prompted. Each location offers a 2-minute narration. Please note, cell phone fees apply. 

Yellow-tiled markers identify the Path of History along the ground throughout Old Monterey, and visitors can begin the tour at any point along the marked route. Guests of the Portola Hotel will see these markers outside of the hotel grounds near Jacks Terrace and Custom House Plaza.


path of history1

Path of History Yellow-Tile Marker

Travel & History

When you plan a trip to Monterey, whether you are a first time visitor or destination enthusiast, be sure to incorporate Monterey's historical sites into your travel schedule. The walking path and numerous landmarks are adjacent to some of the destination's most popular attractions, dining, and spectacular views of the Monterey Bay. Start planning your Monterey getaway today – your coastal oasis awaits!

  portola hotel newlogo

  Portola Hotel & Spa at Monterey Bay

*Touring hours and schedules may vary due to the shelter in place. Visit Monterey State Historic Parks for more information.

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