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Happy International Beer Day!

06 Aug 2021
Happy International Beer Day!

Friday, August 6th is International Beer Day and to recognize this special day, we're going to share every brew we currently have at Peter B's Brewpub. Choose something new or your tried and true favorite and come on down to Peter B's on Friday to celebrate!


Perfect for a summer day or a spicy meal, light and fruity craft beers are generally lower in alcohol, lower in bitterness and highly carbonated. Theses beers pair well with cheese, fruit, and salads.

Hefelumps and Boozles 4.8% ABV 9 IBU

This Hefeweizen has subdued banana and citrus peanuts on the nose, with baking flour, bready flavor, and a crisp, floral finish. It's perfect with a slice of orange or lemon, and brewed in German tradition.

Rock Me Imadaeus 5.3% ABV 13 IBU

This American wheat ale is made with over 168 pounds of organic raspberry puree that was added during fermentation. It smells like fresh red raspberries, and tastes like raspberries and baking flour from white wheat. It has a nice, dry crisp finish, and is super refreshing for summer!

peter bs beer 7

Rock Me Imadaeus and Legend of Laguna

Shrub Lite 4.7% ABV 6 IBU

This extra crushable American lite lager smells lightly fruity, with a touch of corn sweetness, and dough. It's soft, yet has a crisp finish.

Brewer's Daydream 5% ABV 28 IBU

A German style Pilsner that brewers love because it falls in the special zone between IPA and Lagerbier. It has delicate spice, tea, and red berry aromas, with biscuit and cracker sweetness, a carbonic bite, and a lingering bitter finish.


These craft beers highlight hop flavor, aromas, and bitterness. You can commonly find citrus, resin, floral, stone fruit, pine, tropical, grass, herbal, spice, and berry in these brews. Foods with strong flavors like BBQ or fajitas pair well with these beers.

Legend of Laguna 6.5% ABV 65 IBU

Peter B's flagship DDH West Coast IPA is brimming with stone fruit, red berries, great citrus, and a resinous finish. This IPA is packed with citra, simcoe, and el dorado.

Callista Major 5.2% ABV 5 IBU

Say hello to Callista Major, an easy drinking pale ale. This stone fruit and citrus forward beer is EXACTLY what you were looking for with a berry and herbaceous midpalate, Callista herself would be stoked to enjoy this tasty treat.

dsc sm 68

Callista Major

Piñata Prize 7% ABV 20 IBU

Summertime treats all around! With candied pineapple and grapefruit on the nose, a little bit of pine, passionfruit and berries throughout, it feels like a birthday party, so put on your party hat and take a swing!


These beers tend to be complex and have flavors and aromas that are influenced by the microflora in a mixed fermentation vessel such as a barrel or foeder. This process allows very slow oxygenation and maturation.

You've Got a Friend in Me 6.2% 22 IBU

Beautiful aromas of cherry blossom, this barrel aged amber has black currant and citrus rind, with a minty wood and preserved lemon flavor. A cool beer that mixes a nice tannic mouthfeel from the wood.

Donna Draper 12.2% ABV 50 IBU

This old fashioned inspired barley wine is aged in Basil Hayden barrels for over 2 years. It has aromas of candied cherry, vanilla bean, and baking spices on the nose with flavors of molasses cookie and orange rind with a warming finish of whiskey barrel and dark chocolate.

Moon Walking Bear 14% ABV 69 IBU

A rye Imperial stout that has been aged in rye whiskey barrels for over 2 years. This beer has aromas of burnt marshmallow, blackstrap molasses, and plum accompanied by flavors of chocolate covered fruit and roasted coffee, with a rye-spice charred barrel finish.


These beers are usually darker in color and highlight malt character of a beer like biscuit, bread, grain, cereal, caramel, toffee, molasses, sweet, and oatmeal. Foods that pair well with these brews include grilled and seared meats.

Inclusion Amber 5.4% ABV 28 IBU

Peter B's Brewpub's house amber is malt forward, but balanced by light herbal hops. It has aromas of honey graham cracker, caramel, and light toffee. It has a toasted bread crust flavor, and finishes sweet, with a medium body and light herbal hop flavor.

on tap pick inclusion amber ale 1

Inclusion Amber

Molly By Golly 4.8% ABV 32 IBU

This winner of the 2018 California State Fair Gold Medal is a dry Irish Stout with aromas of roasted coffee and baker's chocolate, with a minty, pine, and a mineral finish.

Join Us for Upcoming Events

We hope you have a very happy International Beer Day and join us at Peter B's Brewpub for a pint! Don't forget to check out Peter B's calendar for upcoming events! We're looking forward to Pigskin Palooza, Sunday Football Breakfast, and Oktoberfest where Natalie, our head brewer, will be brewing a special Oktoberfest lager. We hope to see you there!

peter bs flight lo res

Peter B's Brewpub Flight

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