Mocktails & Cocktails Guest Post by Jacks Monterey Restaurant Manager, Dylan Wolcott

The innovative Cocktail Program with a modern edginess at Jacks Monterey is designed to highlight the freshest of local produce and herbs grown here on the Central Coast. This all new Cocktail Menu highlights locally sourced, seasonal purées and herbs of the craft cocktails of today, while still paying homage to the classics of days gone by.

Mixing It Up!

Here at Jacks Monterey, guests can enjoy the Portola-Rita, our twist on the classic Margarita.  Our lead Mixologist Tuyet Vitacca, uses Avion Silver Tequila, fresh passion fruit purée, fresh squeezed citrus juices and Sriracha bitters to create a cocktail with flavors that meet our guests’ expectations of what a Margarita should be with a spicy finish that keeps them going back for another sip to quench their thirst and cool the kick.  Vitacca’s cocktail menu also has features a Classic Sazerac with Rye Bourbon, atomized Absinthe and Peychauds bitters served in a chilled cocktail glass allowing the generations newer to the cocktail world, an opportunity to enjoy one of the greats that sparked creativity in cocktails so many decades ago.

Mixing it up with some fun ingredients!

Zero Proof, 100% Tasty

In need of something tasty, without getting buzzed? Our “Zero Proof” cocktails complement the incredible menu designed by our Executive Chef Danny Abruzesse, boasting big flavors.  Many guests are in for a quick lunch before returning to work or heading out a corporate outing, having to hold off on the liquor till later – but they can still leave Jacks Monterey with a different kind of buzz!  The Zero Proof menu offers a Basil infused Raspberry Lemonade, the Mango Mule with fresh mango purée, ginger infused honey and Fever Tree ginger beer and the Aqua Fresca with Fresh watermelon and jalapeño infused agave.  The Zero Proofs are a great nonalcoholic option for those that crave a refreshment other that the typical soda or iced tea.

“Zero Proof” Mango Mule

Take a Sip on the Wild Side

We are excited to continually evolve our Cocktail Program and with each new season, guests will experience something completely unique to Jacks Monterey. Just as our menus will be showcase the best of the season and bounty of Monterey and beyond, so will our specialty cocktails.

Feel Like a Millionaire

So… the next time you join us at Jacks Monterey, considering moving a bit out of your comfort zone and instead of ordering that Cosmo or Vodka Tonic, be adventurous and give your taste buds an unforgettable experience!


Guest Post by Jacks Monterey Restaurant Manager, Dylan Wolcott

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