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A Virtual Visit: Monterey Bay Webcams

Experience Monterey through our Favorite Webcams

While your current travel plans may be on pause, that doesn’t mean daydreaming about Monterey and experiencing the beauty of this peninsula has to be on hold too! From Custom House Plaza and the Monterey Bay to sea otters and penguins, we have a few majestic views you can tap into from home, including the Portola Hotel’s very own webcam.

Portola Hotel and Spa

Sit back and relax in the comfort of your home and take in the sights with a virtual dose of Vitamin Sea using our guide to some wonderful, local webcams.

Portola Hotel & Spa’s Live Webcam

This live cam overlooks Custom House Plaza and you will also see Fisherman’s Wharf #1 and #2. Can you envision yourself kayaking in the Monterey Bay?

Taste of Monterey’s Live Webcam

This is live from Cannery Row and this live cam has an amazing panoramic view of the ocean. Taste of Monterey offers a variety of award-winning local wines and is the perfect location for pairing wine with a little whale watching.

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Exhibit Live Cams

You will get a glimpse of some of their spectacular animals here. Including the following exhibits:
• Aviary Cam
• Coral Reef Cam
• Monterey Bay Cam
• Moon Jelly Cam
• Open Sea Cam
• Penguin Cam
• Sea Otter Cam
• Shark Cam

Future planning tip: Portola Hotel offers a special “Under the Sea” package for you and your family to enjoy.

Monterey bay web cam Sea Otters in Monterey

Marina State Beach’s Live Cam

Located in Marina, CA at the Sanctuary Beach Resort. Sunrise and sunset are always a great time to tune in, as the skies are filled with beautiful colors and the water is clear and calm.

Monterey Bay Surf Report & Forecast Live Cam

This camera is especially catered to surfers or anyone who loves to watch the waves. Please note you may be required to subscribe for longer viewing and streaming times.

Until we meet again, we hope these webcams have inspired your future travels and plans to visit the Monterey Peninsula.

Surf Webcam Monterey

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