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Self-care Tips Part 1

27 Mar 2020
Self-care Tips Part 1

The springtime is a perfect time to spring clean and re-evaluate your self-care routine! At the Portola Hotel & Spa, we have wonderful experts from Spa on the Plaza and Monterey Yoga that continue to inspire us to be our best selves. Here are a few tips to consider this spring as your days become longer and health and wellness continue to be top of mind.

Spring Clean Your Home

Start your Spring cleaning now and prioritize this process by tackling one room at a time. A helpful suggestion is to make a list and decide on which rooms and tasks you want to accomplish first i.e., your most used rooms first. Begin by cleaning and organizing your bedroom closest first. Sort through your clothes, creating a keep pile and a pile for donations. , then make a pile of clothes you no longer need, want, or want to donate.

If you still don't know where to start then, we suggest decluttering your living space first with a 15 minute power clean. Set a timer for 15 minutes and tidy the room, dust, and run a quick vacuum throughout the space. After the time is up, you will be amazed at how much you accomplished and encouraged to tackle more. There is no better time to start your cleaning than today!

Take Time to Relax & Reconnect

Relax with a cup of tea and take time to connect with your family and friends. This is a great time to check-in with your family members at home or family and friends via Facetime, Google Hangouts, etc. Carve out time for your loved ones and don't forget about yourself!

Try a New Recipe

Incorporate new ingredients that you having been longing to try or maybe you were unsure how to prepare. Now is the perfect opportunity to spend time in the kitchen and get creative with your favorite recipes. Add a little heat to your dish with red pepper chili flakes or start your family dinner off with an appetizer like pan seared edamame and fresh lemon.

If you need some recipe inspiration, check out Portola Hotel & Spa's Executive Chef Danny Abbruzzese's First of the Season Asparagus Recipe. Spring is a great time for Asparagus recipes!

1st of the season asparagus


Mediation is a must when it comes to self-care and taking time for your mind, body and soul – and it's easier than you think! Simply spend five or ten minutes focusing on you and your breath. Let your thoughts flow in and out of your mind and simply be.

Meditation has been shown to help with sleep, physical health, willpower and enhances your mood. If you are looking for other ways to enhance your health, Spa on the Plaza at the Portola Hotel offers an incredible Wellness Program. For more information about the program and additional services visit their website here.

Move your Body

Move. Walk. Dance. Flow. Stand up and get your body moving. Create a home-workout routine by using a fitness app or YouTube. There are countless options for you to workout at home whether you try yoga, Pilates, or the 10 push up challenge. At the Portola Hotel, we are thrilled to offer yoga classes through Monterey Yoga, located inside the Hotel's fitness center. For Monterey Yoga's class schedule, visit their website here.

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