couple on boat looking out at Monterey Bay

Monterey Weather

The Monterey Peninsula offers mild temperatures throughout the year. The summer months usually include morning fog that burns off and has a cooling effect on the day. It is best to dress in layers and carry a light jacket.   If you plan to Whale Watch on the Monterey Bay you will want to pack a heavy jacket.

Monthly average temperatures for Monterey, California*

Month Average High Average Low Record High Record Low
January 60°F 43°F 84°F 22°F
February 61°F 45°F 86°F 26°F
March 62°F 46°F 85°F 32°F
April 64°F 47°F 93°F 35°F
May 65°F 48°F 95°F 38°F
June 67°F 50°F 101°F 42°F
July 68°F 52°F 98°F 43°F
August 70°F 53°F 96°F 45°F
September 71°F 53°F 101°F 43°F
October 70°F 51°F 104°F 35°F
November 64°F 47°F 95°F 35°F
December 60°F 43°F 89°F 20°F

*Source: The Weather Channel