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Pirate Program at Portola Hotel, monterey California

Pirate Program

Pirate Tales & Adventures

Tales and adventures shared by Portola Pirates. Ask our Pirate Crew (our Front Desk) how your child can submit a Pirate tale during your vacation at our Hotel in Monterey, CA!



One day a pirate discouvered and Island that is names the Bee Island. They discovered Bee's. this is where bee's were discovered they discovered the entire island and the a monster came. The monster released all the bee's into the whole world. They flew all around to all the flowers and honey was made. We all enjoy honey today because of this - Julian, age 5

Seedba there was a pirate named Eli and he was on a hunt for treasure. He sailed on a boat to an island and found a lot a lot of gold. On the 2nd say he turned into a unicorn - Eli, age 5

I love exploring the plaza and the hotel and the staff is nice - Darien, age 8

Once doon a time there was a pirate named Bob He libed on a pirate ship with his pirate family. One day his ship sank they all swam for shore and he wanderd how he could travil without a pirate ship so he found a Beach Bike and Road all around the Beach With his family - Nora, age 9

Once there was a pirate who loved his family. Hi family was on a misson to find treasure. Jasson the pirate was very ditermaned to find gold. But one day his family encounterd a HUGE storm. The boat got strick by lightning and all of his family members died. Jasson was the only one left. Can you help Jasson get back to land and survive? - Vivienne, age 10

The Story of Blackbeard - Once upon a time, Blackbeard robbed the banks. And he stole gold and treasure chests. The people were disappointed. Blackbeard did a battle and shot the cannonballs at people. Many people dies because of this. But others survived by ducking. Blackbeard went to Spain and destroyed the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Soon, He went to New Orleans in Louissiana and destroyed Mount Everest in Nepal. Then, He dies suddenly on November 22, 1718 A.D. in Ocracoke, North Carolina, USA. But heroes names Joan of Arc and Hercules were a zero to hero. - Matthew, age 9

Treasure Island - Once upon a time. There was a boy names ‘Jim Hawkins' who was treated by pirates. He was pushed into a chamber on a Pirateship. But Jim decided to escape, But it was still locked. He was doing it again and emerged out! Then suddenly, A thunderstorm came in. the ship spun and landed onto an island. Jim called it, ‘TreasureIsland.' Because of it's gold and pottery. It was mystical and ancient. Until, Amountain of gold and chest collapsed! It became a nuisance. And the pirates dies by the incident. Then, Jim became rich and lived happily ever after! - Layla <3, age 6

If I was a pirate, I would go to the armor store. And than sail on a boat to my house, so we could buy the treasure. And then go take a nap. - James, age 4 ([email protected])
It was fun it was great I brought an ADULT with me too - Juno, age 7

This was a fun safe and clean experience for us! We would 100% recommend future stays to friends and family. - Adalia, age 3

I loved walking around the plaza and the wharf. All the Portola Hotels staff is so nice. - Unknown, age unknown

2023 Tales & Adventures

August 2023

There once was a pirate named Lucas Don gasper de portola. He set of to sea of the greatest pirates in the world but will he be able to fight the kraen to prove he's one of the bes pirates in the world. finally he was ready to fight the kraken they started the fight. but then there was a storm and it became foggy. and nobody heard from him again! so whether he got glory or death we'll never know. - Chloe, age 9

There was once a young pirate who was the son of a captain. The captain and his crew set off to find some treasure at a sunken ship. They set down their anchor right before the sunken ship when a giant squid attacks their ship. They fight it off by cutting off his tentacles. They find the treasure it has gold and gems in it. Hooray, They found it - Charlotte, age 9

Aaaargh ahoy me mates let me tell you a tale about me and my pirate crew going to Skull Island to find treasure! We were just minutes away from getting to the Island, until behind us was a ship the size of 5 of our ships combined! We try to go as fast as we could away from them but it was no match for the huge pirate ship. They struck our ship in the side with a bullet and our ship sunk into the ocean but little did they know we had an extra row-boat so we rowed to the island and got the treasure! - Emma, age 11

I am a pirate. I am looking for the sunken treasure of Portola. Me and my crew hop into the water. We didn't find the treasure, but we realized that the real treasure is the natural beauty of the bay. Now I like to talk to the sea lions, and play in the water. - Lauren, age 6

Once there was a great pirate named Captain Harold Skervy Smith VIII. His family were the greatest pirates of all time until!.. A curse was set upon his family ever since Harold Skervy SmithL stole from a sacred egyptian safe. Harold VIII wanted to fix this. He set out on a mission to his great great (etc.) fathers grave to fix this. So hedug up the grave and the treasure his relative stole was in it with him. All he had to do was pick up the coins with a shovel and dump them in a trashcan. The end. - Spencer, age 12

My name is Miles and my strength: Luck, Weakness: 8-24, gets mad a lot (by his brother's) Brainsise massivly average) favorite song: my favorite song is from a movie and my favorite song is: new friends heisa Marvley, - Miles, age 7

once upon a time there was a pirate named harry III, and he and his crew crash landed at pacifica and he walked all the way to monterey and made that his home. - Elliott, age 10

June 2023

Once upon a time there was a pirate named Bob he was a brave pirate he traveled to all kinds of places. On the way to Monterey he saw lots of cool creatures and aimals he said it was the best adventure ever. The End. - Jessica, age 8

There once was a ship that went to sea, the home of the ship the WILD BULL. There ere all kinds of pirates and also parrots on the ship. These pirates were the scariest, most terrifying in history. the parrots were the best spies too. And guess what! They were heading towards Monterey. The Soldiers launched cannons and missles but could not sink the ship. Finally they launched their biggest cannon and destroyed the pirates. - Lawrence, age 10

At first its east to find the logo but the you do need to walk a little Further to get to the Next one. Then you have to go into the store to figure out the next one. Then when you make your way to the front and is easy to figure out some. - Bella, age 11

Eight pirates set sail from a far of place called Napa going to Monterey. They brought wine instead of barrels of rum. When they arrived they checked in to the Custom House to pay the tax. They they invited the other pirates to a wine and pool party at the Portola Hotel. After their fun and successful trip of trading they leave port to go back to Napa and prepare for the next big adventure. - Liliana, age 12

Seven pirates set sail for Monterey. On June 20th 1989. The ship was big as big as a elephant. They  went on a quest for an emerald. The ride was tough. They battled three Giant squids, five killer whales and a giant jellyfish. Four pirates did not survive the battle. The two pirates went into an old rickity ship. They found a small box. They opened the box and saw a sparkly emerald. The last pirate sailed away with all the treasure. The other two pirates died a horrible death. -William, age 9

Tales & Adventures from 2020 & Beyond

February 2020
We in this place + we counted all the trees. Ma na ma na. - Rylan, age 4

Hi everyone! I'm Mia and I'm going to tell you my story about Monterey: One Monday me and my family were headed here, to Monterey. It was a long long Long car drive, I wish we took a plane. I watched Frozen in the car we got there we got all our bags out of the car, I carried my backpack. Then we found out our room number at the frount desk, we got welcome cookies too. Yum. We went to our room, and saw a problem….there were only two BEDS! (we had 4 people in our family.) so we had to fit 2 people in each bed. The next day we went to breakfast, then saw the aquarium. It was so cool. Then we went back to the hotel and changed for the beach it was a blast! Thank you Monterey for making my vacation so special. - Mia, age 8

January 2020
I have spent 2 days exploring and I have enjoyed my adventure. I love the hot tub and swimming pool. My room was beautiful and the trolly was so easy to hop on and visit other destinations on my map. I can't wait to come again. - Dakota, age 4

I used my unicorn to help find all the treasure. - Anne, age 5

December 2019
I loved the pirate treasure hunt and looking for clues with my Dad. - Thomas, age 5
We went through a candy shop to find treasure and I learned about Seafood Watch. - Liliane, age 7

November 2019
This way, that way, opps wrong way. Follow the map, find the treasure, look and see what's there. This way, that way, forwards, opps wrong way. This is confusing and hard but I like it so much. This way, that way, backwards, forwards. A treasure hunt is very fun, and it needs to be done. When, oh, when will we find that treasure, I already collected facts, but there's more, open the door and see whats there. This way, that way, forwards, I FOUND TREASURE! - Kailey, age 8

September 2019
Our Adventure began on Saturday afternoon. We came to the hotel late in the afternoon and came to Peter B's for dinner. Our dog Jake had the most fun of all. I walked him around while mom and dad finished dinner. Sunday we went to the beach and my dad buried me in the sand. Later we went to Passion fish and dinner was excellent. Monday my mom got lost trying to get to the dog day care. Then we went to the pool. Today we are leaving. We had fun! - Sean, age 10

July 2019
First I left around at 3 and reached about at 5. Then I started to get in my hotel and play with my friend. On Friday after we setled down and headed to some shops and ate seafood. On Saturday I went biking and ate Indian food. I also had to go on the slough on Saturday. On Sunday I had to go home in the night but we still did some stuff. We went to the beach and ate crapes for lunch. That was fun! - Shreya, age 8

April 2019
I enjoyed my big adventure with mommy, daddy and sister. I liked the model ships, and nice people we met along the way. Thank you Portola Hotel for this wonderful adventure! - Joshie , age 3

Ahoy Mates the Aquarium was awesome you need to come visit. You can see cool animals such as sharks seals sea otters crabs sea urchins and other cool animals. #montereyiscool - Liam, age 6 

January 2019
I loved seeing all of the cool wildlife such as seals and otters! But my favorite part of Monterey was the aquarium! It was so cool seeing all of the animals such as sharks, otters, jelly fish, crabs!  In general, that was the best part. Also, although there were some complications my room was great! There was even a telescope on one of them! I loved Monterey! Also, we rented a bike cart thingy!  It was so fun! I loved this place and I hope you come here to! #Montereyisawesome! - John, age 11

December 2018
Ahoy Marey,
I have bin in Monterey and it has bin the best. It is awesome. It is fun and I have the best room ever! The seals are awesome. They are on the rocks on the beach. The Aquarium has some many things to see. Sharks, fish. I loved to see the pangwins and jellyfish. There also is bikes that lots of people can ride. Come visit Monterey. #Montereyisthebest! From, Our Captin - Alex, age 9

When we got there I was exausted. I was tired from the car drive. After we checked in I nearly fell asleep. I woke up the next morning at 6:55am! I was o.k. but wanted to get the day over so after the safari we took I ate lunch and went swiming. I loved it. Then till dinner we in our epic hotel room for 3 hours! (I watched T.V.) After dinner we fell asleep. When I woke up I knew it was leaving day! - Aneesh, age 9

September 2018
We rode our bike to the lighthouse and it was bilt in 1855. And the name of it was Point Pinos.  It was fun! - Jamie, age 6 ½ 

August 2018
I think that the treasure hunt was really fun. I got to learn about ships and it was fun. My favorite part was all of it! I hope all the other kids enjoyed it as much as I did! I hope I can come back soon! - Jordan, age 8

It was sopr fun : ) - Lauryn, age 6

March 2018
I like't answering the questions and the treasure and the gold nicklis and the adventure it was so so so so so so so so so fun. I past candy land and I got cotton candy I went wale watching. I got to see sea lions. And I got to go to the swimming pool and at the Hotel you had a pirate bag I had so so so so so so so so so so much fun at Potola Hotel and Spa it was relly relly relly fun every were was so so so so so so so so much fun! - Louise, age 6 ½ 

Hi my name is Caden.  I am 8 years old. I live in Sacramento CA. We are visiting my 15 year old sister because she has a synchronized swim meet. I love to be at the Portola Hotel and Spa. We ate at Peter B's Brewpub for dinner. It was the best restaurant ever. My trip here was 3 hours. We watched 2 movies to get to this fabulous hotel. It was worth it. The lemon sorbet was the best in the world. My Mom was to full to order some of it. I am going to swimming and relax in the hot tub. You have to come. - Caden, age 8








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